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Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit: On A Mission To Be Central Europe’s Fashion Innovation Hub(FashN

Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit, Central Europe's future hub for fashion and technology gathers experts from around the globe to share their industry experience.

A couple of months ago, I heard from Anita Forintos- Szűcs. After she introduced herself as the deputy of CEO and Head of Fashion of Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, she told me that she was on a mission to develop the fashion industry in Hungary with Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit, BCEFW’s official side event.

As Central Europe’s future hub for fashion and technology, the Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit event is the first of its kind in Budapest. It is a global summit that is dedicated to the relationship between technology and fashion. Taking place in the heart of Budapest, this season the English spoken event brought to the table a selection of relevant topics that reinforce the role that Budapest plays in Central Europe.

Gathered from all over the world to share their industry experience during this one-day event, experts included Henry Holland, Alessandro Carnicella, Gina Gulberti, Esteban de la Torre, Mo White and Ista Boszhard. Declan Hannigan moderated the whole day. Last year, the event was a small roundtable discussion that had the likes of Olivia Pinnock, Fashion Journalist & Sustainability Specialist and Dr Carmen Hijosa, Founder and Chief Creative & Innovation Officer of Ananas Anam, Creator of Piñatex.

Discussion: Why Does Fashion’s Future Lies in Sustainability?

Today I found myself on stage at the MOME – Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem. I was there to talk about the role technology plays in helping fashion and retail businesses be more sustainable. The attending audience was made up of people interested in hearing more about the latest technological innovations and the sustainable solutions that shape the future of the fashion industry. I presented five innovations that could play a role in “saving” the fashion industry.

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