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Unmade x New Balance, A Collaboration That Is Reimagining the Fashion Experience(FashNerd)

New Balance partners up with Unmade to experience their award-winning platform that has been empowering global fashion and sportswear brands to swiftly respond to real-time trends, reduce waste and get closer to their customers.

Last month we wrote about how fashion software technology company Unmade partnered up with Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovative materials science, branding and manufacturing, today we are talking about their partnership with New Balance. The fashion tech experts latest collaboration with the sportswear brand reveals customisable knitted shoe, made possible by Unmade’s fashion technology platform.

Manufacturing Heritage Meets Digital Technology

Founded by Hal Watts, Kirsty Emery and Ben Alun-Jones in 2014, Unmade has become recognised for driving innovation through an end-to-end digital solution for on-demand production at scale, delivering customisation, team-wear and micro-fulfilment. The business was born out of a desire to reimagine both the design and manufacturing processes within the fashion industry. One of the ways that they are unlocking new opportunities for forward-thinking brands is through developing partnerships with dynamic brands with a genuine desire to be “demand-driven and customer-centric”.

The customisable knitted shoe is a great example of the marriage between manufacturing and digital technology. Offering the best customisation experience for consumers looking to create their own knitted shoe upper, the platform also plays a crucial role in helping New Balance develop agile supply chains, driven by real-time demand, instead of forecasting. Katherine Petrecca, GM Footwear, New Balance said: “At New Balance, we’re always looking for new ways to create truly exciting customer experiences and the launch of the NB1 111 silhouette helps us get closer to our customers, and further the ingenuity and prestige of our brand.”

Creating An Unrivalled Experience

The collaboration marks an exciting venture between the two companies by bringing new digital competencies to a powerful global brand. Unmade CEO Hal Watts said: “Working with the New Balance team has been a defining moment in the Unmade story, and we are very excited to be working to create an unrivalled experience for New Balance customers. That’s what really matters to us both.”

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Unmade x New Balance,一场重塑时尚体验的合作(FashNerd)

New BalanceUnmade 合作,实践了屡获殊荣的平台,该平台使全球时尚和运动服装品牌能够迅速响


上个月,我们报道了时尚软件技术公司 Unmade 如何与创新材料科学、品牌和制造领域的全球领导者

Avery Dennison 合作的消息,今天我们在讨论他们与New Balance 的伙伴关系。 时装技术专家与运动

服品牌的最新合作发布了一款可定制的针织鞋,这是Unmade 的时装技术平台所促成的成果。


Unmade 由 Hal Watts,Kirsty Emery 和 Ben Alun-Jones 于 2014 年创立,Unmade 因其通过端到端数





制体验,该平台在帮助New Balance 开发由实时需求驱动而非预测的敏捷供应链方面也发挥着至关重要

的作用。New Balance 通用鞋业总经理Katherine Petrecca 表示:“在New Balance,我们一直在寻找

创造真正令人兴奋的客户体验的新方法,NB1 111 的推出有助于我们更贴近客户,并进一步提高独创性和



通过将新的数字能力带入强大的全球品牌,两家公司之间的合作标志着激动人心的冒险。 Unmade 首席

执行官Hal Watts 表示:“与New Balance 团队合作一直是Unmade 故事中具有决定性意义的时刻,我

们为能够为New Balance 客户创造无与伦比的体验感到非常兴奋。 这对我们俩都至关重要。”

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