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Fashion Brand Launches AI Platform With Facial Recognition That Facilitates Hyper-Personalized In-St

Ruti is a fashion business known for designing distinctively comfortable styles specifically for women over 35 years old​. Founded by Israeli-born designer and former tech executive Ruti Zisser, the luxury brand announced today that they have has raised $6M in a Series A funding round led by Viola Ventures. It is an investment that will be used to expand the development of its proprietary technology platform.

Building a Customised Digital Experience

Focusing on scaling their online business and their eight offline boutiques, Ruti, believes technology is the key to building a successful in-store experience that delivers on personalization. Developing a technology platform that assists in the design process and supports its in-store stylists by providing customers with a hyper-personalised, high-touch experience. It is a system that continuously builds customers’ profiles, including past purchases, items they’ve tried on, and other attributes. Also, customer feedback gathered on the database influences inventory and design process for upcoming collections.

Furthermore, Ruti’s proprietary AI platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), customised CRM, and opt-in only facial recognition that are personalised recommendations based on each shopper’s fashion preferences, likes and dislikes and an understanding of what designs will be most flattering.

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时装品牌推出具有面部识别功能的AI 平台,可促进店内超个性化


Ruti 是一家时装公司,以专门为 35 岁以上的女性设计独特舒适的风格而闻名。以色列出生的设计师,前

技术主管 Ruti Zisser 创立的奢侈品牌今天宣布,他们已经在由Viola Ventures 领投的 A轮融资中筹集了



Ruti 专注于扩展其在线业务和其八家线下精品店,他认为技术是构建成功的个性化店铺体验的关键。通过




此外,Ruti 专有的 AI 平台利用了人工智能(AI),定制的 CRM和仅接受面部识别的功能,这些识别是根


The full article read on the FashNerd

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