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From Smart Socks That Double as a Personal Trainer to a Sports Bra That Counts Calories: Hi-Tech Kit

Back in the Eighties, when you went for a ‘jog’ you just pulled on whatever old T-shirt, baggy leggings and trainers were closest to hand.

Nowadays, however, we ‘run’ — and we take that running seriously. Whether to compete, stay fit or socialise, 10 million people in the UK run regularly, and there’s a huge demand for sportswear that raises our game.

It’s estimated that the market will hit £17.5 billion by 2023 — and no wonder. Not only does modern running gear look good, a new breed of hi-tech sportswear promises to enhance performance, too, from energy-preserving trainers and clothing that boosts circulation to a sports bra that records every beat of your heart.

Anna Maxted gave her verdict on a selection of the latest hi-tech sportswear items that claim to enhance the performance of runners

But Chris Wright, strength and conditioning coach at Loughborough University, warns that some of the promises of greater speed, less fatigue, and happier joints sound too good to be true — and may well be. While people rave about lightweight trainers, running shoes that suit your physiology will ultimately give you the edge, he says.

‘There’s an argument that if you’re carrying 10g less on your feet, you’ll be able to run faster. But whether you have a high or low arch has a massive impact on your technique and any stress that might go through your joints as a result, so having shoes that support your feet in the best way possible is a priority above whether a material is lighter.’

As for compression clothing — garments that fit tightly on the skin, designed to stabilise muscles and improve circulation — research published last year found it promoted better running performance, as well as decreasing muscle soreness.

So which of the latest running gear will give you a (faster) run for your money? I went the extra mile to find out . . .

Springy, Speedy, Success

These shoes look cool and feel solid, yet their ‘zero-gravity feel’ technology translates into lots of cushion and bounce. They’re so supportive and comfortable that I spring along like a mountain goat.

The shoe contains an inbuilt sensor that tracks stride length, rhythm, distance and pace if you sync it to the Under Armour Map My Run app, which is easy to use.

Just wearing quality kit rather than my usual battered trainers gives me a boost, but I really do run more smoothly and speedily in these — 8.5 km/hour is sustainable when often I slow to around 8 km/hour. 5/5

Read the full article on the Daily Mail


上世纪八十年代,当你去“慢跑”时,你只是随便穿着一件旧的 T恤,随手拿的宽松运动裤和运动鞋。

但是,如今,我们正在“奔跑”-我们认真对待跑步这件事。 无论是比赛、健身还是社交活动,英国有 1000


据估计,到 2023 年,市场规模将达到 175 亿英镑,这也就不足为奇了。现代跑步装备不仅看起来好看,


但是拉夫堡大学力量与体能训练教练 Chris Wright 警告说,提高速度、减少疲劳和使关节舒适的一些承诺



‘有人争辩说,如果你脚上的重量减少了 10 克,你将能够更快地奔跑。但是,无论脚弓高低,都会对你





那么,哪种最新的跑步装备可以物超所值呢?我花了更多的力气才找到答案。 。 。

Springy, Speedy, Success



如果将鞋子同步到好用的 Under Armour Map My Run 应用程序,则该鞋子包含一个内置的传感器,可



平稳,更快-8.5 公里/小时的可持续的速度,而我通常是 8公里/小时左右。

Read the full article on the Daily Mail

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