From Smart Socks That Double as a Personal Trainer to a Sports Bra That Counts Calories: Hi-Tech Kit

Back in the Eighties, when you went for a ‘jog’ you just pulled on whatever old T-shirt, baggy leggings and trainers were closest to hand.

Nowadays, however, we ‘run’ — and we take that running seriously. Whether to compete, stay fit or socialise, 10 million people in the UK run regularly, and there’s a huge demand for sportswear that raises our game.

It’s estimated that the market will hit £17.5 billion by 2023 — and no wonder. Not only does modern running gear look good, a new breed of hi-tech sportswear promises to enhance performance, too, from energy-preserving trainers and clothing that boosts circulation to a sports bra that records every beat of your heart.

Anna Maxted gave her verdict on a selection of the latest hi-tech sportswear items that claim to enhance the performance of runners

But Chris Wright, strength and conditioning coach at Loughborough Un