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5 Tech Features That Will Drive Sales On Black Friday And Cyber Monday(Forbes)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and as a consumer, you’re probably already getting promotional emails, targeted ads, and yes, even physical mailers. And if you’re a merchant, you’re probably strategizing new ways to increase your sales and beat out the competition.

Last year, CNBC reported a record-breaking Black Friday, with $6.2 billion spent online, $2 billion of which were mobile transactions. Cyber Monday then crushed those numbers with $7.9 billion spent online. Despite those numbers, brick and mortar sales are still going strong, making it more important than ever to deliver a seamless, omni-channel experience.

A few emerging technologies are making that challenge a lot easier.

Let’s take a look at five tech features that will define Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

Visual Search

Visual search is a feature that allows customers to shop for items by uploading a picture, rather than typing in keywords. This technology is particularly effective for fashion and home decor retailers because of the way it allows the user to show exactly what they’re looking for, rather than trying to explain it. Also, it takes some of the guesswork out of buying the right gift. For example, if a shopper were to know their loved one’s favorite shirt, they could snap a picture of it, upload it, and see similar styles.

Visual search has become increasingly popular this year, with Pinterest constantly building on their technology as a powerful discovery tool for advertisers and breakout startups like Syte winning significant funding to continue delivering accurate technology on the individual websites of major retailers.

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are two-way mirrors that have electronic displays behind the glass, and use technology to provide shoppers with different kinds of information to help them select the right item, or even virtually “try on” a garment without physically having to change their clothes.

Visual search and smart mirrors go hand in hand. According to Syte’s research, shoppers can find what they are looking for five times faster using visual search, which certainly accommodates short attention spans. Visual search will eventually become more mainstream in physical stores through the use of smart mirrors, which allow users to upload a picture of what they’re looking for and immediately see which items in the store are most similar to it.

Facial Recognition Payments

The iPhone 11 was released this past September and now, millions of customers are enjoying its FaceID feature, which not only helps you unlock your phone, but also securely authorize payments. This feature significantly speeds up the check out process and also delivers what up until now seemed to be a futuristic customer experience.

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5 个技术功能将推动黑色星期五和剁手星期一的销售(Forbes)


质邮件。 而且,如果你是商家,则可能正在制定新的方法来增加销售额并打败竞争对手。

去年,CNBC 报道了创纪录的“黑色星期五”,在线消费达 62 亿美元,其中 20 亿美元是移动交易。 然

后,“剁手星期一”以 79 亿美元的在线支出碾压。 除了这些数字,实体店的销售仍然强劲,这使得提供









视觉搜索在今年变得越来越流行,Pinterest 不断利用其技术作为强大的发现工具,为广告商和像 Syte 这





视觉搜索和智能镜齐头并进。根据 Syte 的研究,购物者可以使用视觉搜索他们寻找的东西,比一般方法快




iPhone 11 于去年 9月发布,现在,数百万的客户正在使用其 FaceID 功能,该功能不仅可以帮助你解锁



Read the full article on the Forbes

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