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Women In Science And Technology Dominated At The 2019 Prime Minister's Prizes For Science Awards

On October 16, the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science awards honoured a special selection of leaders in their field by way of Australia’s most prestigious science and technology prizes, now in its 20th year. With recipients each having carried out outstanding achievements in scientific research and research-based innovation, or having excelled in science, mathematics or technology teaching, seven prizes—which granted $750,000 in total—were awarded across those fields. Emeritus Professor​ Cheryl Praeger took out the top Prize for Science, while Associate Professor​ Laura Mackay and Associate Professor​ Elizabeth New each claimed prizes for science and innovation. South Australian educators, Sarah Finney and Dr Samantha Moyle, were each awarded prizes for science, mathematics or technology teaching. [Vogue Inbox]

Michael Kors recently partnered with Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o for their seventh annual Watch Hunger Stop campaign, the brand’s global philanthropic plight to end worldwide hunger. Having aided the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) in delivering more than 18 million meals to children since its inception, the luxury brand will once again be offering special-edition pieces to raise funds. This year’s offering is a T-shirt and a tote featuring the word “love”. Available for purchase online and in-store, Michael Kors will be donating all the proceeds from sales, along with 100 additional meals to the WFP if customers wear and share their merchandise. [Vogue inbox]

Following the induction of four new board members back in September, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has added 23 designers to its roster of members, bringing its total count to 483. New inductees included Australian fashion icon, Dion Lee, as well as Mary Alice Malone of Malone Souliers, and Kristopher Brock of his namesake label, Brock Collection. “The group includes emerging, established and

seasoned designers from across the country and around the globe—with the common thread of great talent and passion for what they do so well,” said Lisa Smilor, executive vice president of the CFDA. [WWD]

Altheisure label P.E Nation has recently ventured into swimwear with the release of a new collaboration with heritage swim brand, Speedo. Following the success of their design encounter with the Bondi-born swimwear brand at Fashion Week earlier this year, the activewear label has released the collection for brand fans and swimwear fiends alike to purchase. The new range showcases P.E. Nation’s classic colourways, graphics, quality design and construction combined with the classic and comfortable athletic silhouettes of Speedo, and offers eight styles including long sleeved pieces, supportive bikinis, and the traditional skinny-strapped one-piece. The range is now available to shop in P.E Nation stores and online, as well as selected Speedo flagship stores and retailers. [Vogue inbox]

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科技界的女性在 2019年总理科学奖颁奖典礼上独领风骚(Vogue Australia)

10 月 16 日,总理科学奖颁奖典礼用 20 年来澳大利亚最负盛名的科学技术奖来表彰了该领域的特别领导


现出色,在这些领域中共颁发了 7个奖项(共计 75 万美元)。荣誉教授 Cheryl Praeger 获得了最高科学

奖,副教授 Laura Mackay 和副教授 Elizabeth New分别获得了科学和创新奖。南澳大利亚的教育工作者

Sarah Finney 和 Samantha Moyle 博士分别获得了科学、数学或技术教学奖。 [Vogue inbox]

Michael Kors 最近与获得奥斯卡奖的女演员 Lupita Nyong’o合作,进行了第七次年度“ Watch Hunger


界粮食计划署(WFP)为儿童提供了 1800 万份餐点,并将再次提供特别版作品以筹集资金。今年的产品

是一件 T恤和一个标有“爱”字样的手提袋。Michael Kors 将在网上和店内售卖这些物品,如果客户穿着

和分享其商品,将把销售所得的全部款项,以及 100 顿额外的饭菜捐赠给粮食计划署(WFP) 。 [Vogue


继 9月任命了四名新的董事会成员之后,美国时装设计师协会(CFDA)在其成员名单中增加了 23名设计

师,使总数达到 483 名。包括Malone Souliers 的Mary Alice Malone 和同名品牌 Brock Collection 的

Kristopher Brock。 “该组包括新兴,成熟和来自全国和世界各地的经验丰富的设计师-具有出色才能和

对自己所做事业的热情的共同思路。”CFDA执行副总裁 Lisa Smilor 表示。[WWD]

Altheisure 品牌 P.E Nation 最近通过与传统游泳品牌 Speedo 的新合作发布,涉足泳装行业。继今年早些


品牌迷和泳装爱好者购买。新系列展示了 P.E. Nation 的经典配色、图形,优质的设计和结构与 Speedo


列现已在 P.E Nation 商店和在线商店以及 Speedo 旗舰店和零售商处出售。 [Vogue inbox]

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