Responding To Fashion Market Changes With On-Demand Technology(WWD)

The shift toward offering greater personalization doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Edouard Macquin, president of Lectra Americas, said personalization and the on-demand economy is core to what’s driving fashion apparel and retailtoday.

Here, Macquin shares his insights into this trend, and how Lectra is responding with new platforms to help brands gain a competitive edge.

WWD: The fashion apparel industry has gone through some remarkable changes in the past decade. What’s driving this change?

Edouard Macquin: The fashion industry is part of the greater seismic shift toward products tailored to individual tastes and preferences. We see this across media, for instance. What is unique to the fashion industry, though, as opposed to a streaming TV service, is that we are delivering a physical product to consumers. This is also where the challenge lies.

Today, we are doing things that were simply not possible even a few years ago in terms of personalization and the fast delivery of high-quality, on-demand go