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Never Run Out Of Power-Introducing The Just Simple Power Bank

What’s up guys?! Did you guys miss me??? Well, I MISS YOU FOR SURE! If you are new here, thanks for clicking in and being part of my community. My name is Yarina and I am a fashion-tech blogger. I am obsessed with technology-related fashion and beauty products/services. My Instagram is @yarinayy I almost post daily there. Go follow me and support ya girl. ;) This week I am introducing you guys a new device! Are you excited? I am haha. Let’s jump in right now!

I am always a fan of the portable charger. As a tech blogger, I use millions of different devices every day(JK maybe 10). That also means any of these devices run out of battery is going to drive me crazy. I hate when I need to use them but they are like 5% battery. I had probably 5 portable chargers in the past. None of them survived lol. Yes, I am that crazy charging my devices. Recently I got to try a new charger and it’s a game-changer! Today I am introducing you to the new Just Simple Power Bank.

Just Simple is a team-building product with simplicity, functionality, and Quality. Easy, essential and elegant, Just Simple Power Bank was created for urban commuters or travelers who own multiple devices and need to charge them on the go.




As a fashion-tech blogger, first thing first let’s take a look at the design. The Just Simple Power Bank has a minimal look with a black screen in the front and 8 suction cups on the back. There’re two color options: black&white. Yes classic. It basically looks like a cell phone to me so it’s a smart and safe design. You will never go wrong with minimal style because it just fits both girls and guys.




Charging up to 5 devices at the same time

The power bank allows you to charge almost all your devices-smartphone, Apple Watch, Airpods, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, iPad, you name it. It can charge up to 5 devices at the same time - whether they are ios or android, wireless or wired.

Built-in three-in-one cables

With the built-in three-in-one cables, Apple Lightning, micro-USB, and the newest USB-C, you never have to carry around messy cables and get stuck when you left the right cables at home.

Suction cups

The simple suction cups allow your device to safely stick to the pad so that you can still use your phone while it’s being charged. Whether it’s wired or wireless charging, the suction cups keep the phone and power bank from moving around when you place them into your bag.

Integrated Power display

With an integrated power display, you can see how much battery is left in your power bank, so you never run out of power when you need it. The “input” or “output” sign shows whether the power is charging or being charged. The “wireless” sign shows whether the wireless charging capability is turned on.

Fast Charging

With the Qualcomm quick charge and USB-C Power Delivery technology, the power bank can charge your phone from 0-50% within 15-30 min (If you have an iphone, use a USB-C cord to lighting cord; if you have an Android, use a USB cord). The wireless fast charging is 1.4X faster than the standard wireless charger.

What I really love about this power bank are the suction cups on the back and the wireless charging. I am always on the go so handsfree is a huge bonus for me. The suctions can hold my phone while I use it just makes life so much easier. Also as I mentioned before, I use many devices every day and the Just Simple Power Bank can charge up to 5 devices is a lifesaver.

That’s it guys hope y’all enjoy today’s #newtech. Just Simple is launching the power bank very soon. If you’re interested to be the first one to try it, stay tuned on their site.

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