Never Run Out Of Power-Introducing The Just Simple Power Bank

What’s up guys?! Did you guys miss me??? Well, I MISS YOU FOR SURE! If you are new here, thanks for clicking in and being part of my community. My name is Yarina and I am a fashion-tech blogger. I am obsessed with technology-related fashion and beauty products/services. My Instagram is @yarinayy I almost post daily there. Go follow me and support ya girl. ;) This week I am introducing you guys a new device! Are you excited? I am haha. Let’s jump in right now!

I am always a fan of the portable charger. As a tech blogger, I use millions of different devices every day(JK maybe 10). That also means any of these devices run out of battery is going to drive me crazy. I hate when I need to use them but they are like 5% battery. I had probably 5 portable chargers in the past. None of them survived lol. Yes, I am that crazy charging my devices. Recently I got to try a new charger and it’s a game-changer! Today I am introducing you to the new Just Simple Power Bank.