Influencer Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat) Launches Tech Suite For Influencers(Forbes)

WeWoreWhat AKA Danielle Bernstein at 2019 Paris Fashion WeekDANIELLE BERNSTEIN

WeWoreWhat AKA Danielle Bernstein at 2019 Paris Fashion Week. PHOTO BY DANIELLE BERNSTEIN

According to Danielle Bernstein, this season’s hottest accessory is far from a velvet headband. It’s running your business and getting paid. The 27-year-old style influencer, known to her 2.2 million Instagram followers as WeWoreWhat, has built a multimillion-dollar business from being best-dressed and posting her outfits to Instagram. Today, ten years after launching her personal style blog on Instagram, she charges up to $15,000 per branded post, has invested in four companies, serves on two corporate boards, has sold over 10,000 WeWoreWhat swim pieces (generating $3 million the day her collection launched), employs over 20 team members–and she has over 300 pairs of shoes in her Hudson Square, Manhattan apartment. Today, she’s adding tech founder to her résumé, launching Moe Assist, a tech suite for influencers to run their business.

“This is the culmination of my entire career and next step in legitimizing the entire influencer industry,” Bernstein told Forbes. “This is the first tool created for specifically for influencers.”

Bernstein recalls the frustration of starting each week with Moe Peretti, her beloved assistant and chief brand officer for whom the platform is named, sharing schedule and project details from a handwritten notebook. The duo iterated with Excel, Google Drive and more. “Once I cracked the code on how to work more efficiently, I set out to put the tools in the hands of other influencers and content creators so that they could become more productive as well.”

Peretti’s notebook with Bernstein’s engagements must’ve been quite full, from design partnerships with Joe’s Jeans and TopShop to brand partnerships with Bloomingdales and All Saints, plans for Bernstein’s line of Second Skin overalls and press engagements that have included everything from an apartment tour with Harper’s Bazaar to curating a fashion week playlist for Spotify. (Bernstein earned a place on the 2017 Forbes Under 30 Art & Style list.)

Moe Assist, built by a team of 30 professionals over a year, is meant to be the one-stop management suite for Instagram influencers with tools like invoicing, campaign management, content and hashtag inventory and more. Moe operates via subscription at $27.99 per month for all access to Moe’s features including project management and feedback, dashboard, invoicing and payment infrastructure. Bernstein has personally invested $200,000 and raised a $1.2 million seed round with backers like designer tycoon Rebecca Minkoff to bring Moe Assist to market.

The project grid view on Moe. PHOTO BY DANIELLE BERNSTEIN

The project grid view on Moe. PHOTO BY DANIELLE BERNSTEIN

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影响者Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat) 推出为影响者量身定制的科技套件(Forbes)

据Danielle Bernstein 称,本季最热的配饰不是天鹅绒头带。而是自己有一份事业并能因此赚钱。这位 27

岁的时尚影响者,Instagram 账号为WeWoreWhat,有 220万的追随者,从最佳衣着到把服装搭配发布

到 Instagram以来,已发展了数百万美元的业务。如今,在 Instagram上发布个人搭配博客十年后,她每

个品牌帖子的收费高达 15,000 美元,投资了四家公司,在两个公司董事会任职,已售出 10,000 多个

WeWoreWhat 游泳套装(在她的系列推出之日就卖出了 300万美元) )拥有 20 多名团队成员,她在曼

哈顿哈德逊广场的公寓里拥有 300多双鞋。今天,她在履历表中加入了科技创始人,推出了Moe Assist,


Bernstein 告诉《福布斯》:“这是我整个职业生涯的高潮,也是使整个影响者行业合法化的下一步。”“这


Bernstein 回忆起沮丧的开始,每周都要与Moe Peretti(她心爱的助理和首席品牌官,这个产品也是因她

命名)一起,在手写笔记本中共享时间表和项目详细信息。她们两个人用 Excel,Google 云端硬盘等进行



Peretti 的笔记本加上 Bernstein 的参与一定很充实,从与 Joe's Jeans 和 TopShop 的设计合作伙伴关系到

与 Bloomingdales 和 All Saints 的品牌合作伙伴关系,Bernstein 的 Second Skin 工作服系列计划,以及

与媒体互动的计划,包括从Harper’s Bazaar 的公寓之旅到为 Spotify 策划时装周播放列表。(Bernstein

在 2017 年福布斯 30 岁以下艺术与风格榜上排名。)

Moe Assist 由 30 名专业人士组成,团队在一年前建立,旨在成为 Instagram 影响者的一站式管理套件,

其中包括发票、活动管理、内容和主题标签清单等工具。 Moe 的订阅费用为每月 27.99 美元,可使用

Moe 的所有功能,包括项目管理和反馈、仪表板、发票和付款基础结构。Bernstein 坦亲自投资了 20 万

美元,并与设计师大亨 Rebecca Minkoff 等支持者一起筹集了 120万美元的种子融资,以将Moe Assist


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