Attention Instagram Lovers! Here Are The Insights From 2 Instagram Founders

Left to right: Josh, Mike and Kevin. photo by Tech Loves Style

Left to right: Josh, Mike and Kevin. photo by Tech Loves Style, @Nikkiq.

As a blogger and Influencer, playing social media is my daily work, my routine, and my passion. I enjoy creating content and sharing with my followers. There's a certain feeling of happiness I get each time when followers got inspired by some of my content, either a video, a quote, a blog post or a photo. The things I put out there to the world are connecting people and industries. That's why I love social media and it is truly a lifestyle to me already.

Within the big social media family, to be honest, I LOVE Instagram the most! Yes sounds basic right? Whatever I am that IG lover yayyyy!!! Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS.

I started to use Instagram back to 2011 but guess what?! I was in China at the time and Instagram is blocked in China since 2012. Then I terminated using the app till 2016. I moved to San Francisco in 2013 but really wasn't pay attention to the app. I would post once in a while to just get attention from the guy I was chasing at the time or to stalk his ex-girlfriend lol. (who doesn't have those old days duh hahaha.) In 2017 I left the company I was working for at the time in Los Angeles and I was just chilling at home to figure out what was the next step for my career. I came up with an idea to start a blog. I decided to give it a try and started to promote all my blog posts on my Instagram. After posting constantly for about 3 months or so, I got my first offer to help promote a product for a company. Since then Instagram is my business tool, my inspiration, and my solution to most of my problems. Btw if you haven't followed my Instagram, it's called @yarinayy and head over now to support your girl. ;)

Earlier this year I attended SXSW in Austin, TX. I had a wonderful experience there and met lots of great people. There're many amazing panels I went and they're all insightful and educational. But for me, as a huge social media lover, especially an Instagram user which people who followed me know that I post content almost every day, got beyond excited to attend the Instagram's founders' panel! Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in a San Francisco co-working space in 2010. They resigned from Instagram in late 2018. SXSW was hosting in early 2019 so when I saw the lineup I was like I've gotta go! I know lots of you are still curious why they left, what's the story behind Instagram and what's the future plan? So here I am sharing with you their conversation with you guys! Read till the end, there is a SXSW vlog for you to watch there if you want to see my beautiful face lol jk I meant Mike and Kevin's. ;)

Josh Constine: Thanks to everybody for joining the Extra Crunch conference call. I’m Josh Constine, the Editor at Large for Tech Crunch.

On today’s call, we’re going to be discussing SXSW and some of the insights from there, because I know a lot of you don’t go anymore, as SXSW has kind of fallen out of favor amongst the innovation crowd. We’ll talk about my talk with the Instagram founders and what they discussed about why they left Facebook, and what they’re doing next.

We’ll talk a little bit about some of the landscape here, and what’s been changing in terms of who are the big players and who’s kind of pulled back, which might be a sign of companies trying to right their balance books.

And then finally, I’m going to talk about a few startups to watch. And again, as we go through this, if you have questions, feel free to chime in and discuss them with us.

So, let’s kick it off and talk about Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. So they left Facebook in September, and this is their first big talk that they did together as a team.

Josh: How's life back in the days when you just founded Instagram and how's now?

Kevin: Not much difference except for a bigger team and a bigger office. For us, it's always been startup lives. We are very grateful we're able to start a company we love, we believe. We love making things people want. No matter how successful it is now, we're still the same people. One of my mentors once said money itself doesn't give you anything but work on something you believe to get money.

Josh: Everyone wants to feel real, what does social media mean to you guys?

Mike: People are sharing only a part of their lives but we want to break that part.

Kevin: Instagram began from posting whatever personal stuff but then people started to post the professional things and then users are worrying about what to post now. But our goal is to find a space for people to share whatever they want comfortably.

Josh: How do you feel about all the filters and the impact of body images?

Kevin: it is a concerning trend. Bringing the filters to Instagram is what customers wanted.

Mike: Every time we bring new features we killed Instagram. :(

Josh: What job is filling people's life?

Kevin: Keep following things got you there.

Josh: When you made deals with Facebook what changes felt like?

Kevin: If we didn’t merge with Facebook, Instagram would just be a photo tool platform but now it’s getting better and better to be a social platform. Instagram doesn't serve us but serve the community. The community being happy is everything to us. Also, Instagram has to make money. haha

Mike: We just think and care about how are the community gonna be succeeded.

Josh: How much impact do you think the influencer economy can bring to the world?

Kevin: People can make money through the platform. Now Instagram feels less authentic because lots of people posting content just because they wanna be influencers. How do you manage the outcome well is the point. Influencer marketing is 100% impacting the world by breaking up companies' specific problems which traditional marketing couldn't do. That's why the impact influencer economy is bringing to the world i