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H&M Conscious Exclusive AW19, Evening Glamour Meets Sustainable Innovation

H&M Conscious Exclusive AW19

H&M Conscious Exclusive AW19 collection

H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection is back with an evening wear 10th-anniversary collection. Inspired by the mysterious glamour of masquerade balls and dazzling parties from a bygone era, the new collection fuses sumptuous after-dark sartorial hits with versatile wardrobe staples with every piece incorporating sustainable fashion. For the first time, recycled brass; recycled zinc; and TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™, a branded lyocell fiber partially made from waste cotton, will be introduced. The Conscious Exclusive AW19 collection will be sold on beginning September 26th.

Romantic dresses play a starring role in this the new fall Conscious Exclusive collection. From the blue rose-printed jacquard dress to a floor-sweeping dusty pink tulle gown, the capsule incorporates statement pieces made from recycled polyester blends. Other materials also include blends made from TENCELTM lyocell fibers and wool, which are seen in versatile, lightweight knits. The collection also incorporates a beaded cape made partly with recycled glass beads, a ruffled velvet top made from recycled polyester, and a selection of exquisite hair adornments made with from a recycled zinc and brass mix to create a scene-stealing effect.

H&M Conscious Exclusive AW19 collection

H&M Conscious Exclusive AW19 collection

The Conscious Exclusive collections at H&M have each been ground-breaking in their own way, so it is very exciting to present our tenth collection which proves that innovation never ceases. This season, we are introducing recycled brass; recycled zinc; and TENCELTM x REFIBRATM lyocell, an exciting lyocell fiber partly made from waste cotton, for the very first time. We are proud that many of the innovative new materials we have debuted with our sustainable capsules have since been incorporated into our other product offerings across the business. It is vital that H&M continues to push the boundaries of future-facing fashion, proving to the world that glamour and sustainability can go hand in hand,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M.

The inspiration behind the Conscious Exclusive AW19 collection began with mysterious masquerade balls that took place in the 1960’s. We were thinking about dazzling, one-off events where the built up anticipation increases the pleasure. We wanted to create special pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come thanks to their endless versatility. Our customers will find that each piece can be styled according to each indiviual’s personality and mood; we hope these clothes are cherished, and invested with many happy memories of glorious evenings spent having fun,” says Ella Soccorsi, designer at H&M.

About H&M Conscious Exclusive Conscious Exclusive is a recurring collection of exquisite, premium pieces that celebrate the new season and showcase the increasing possibilities of more sustainable fashion with a focus on development and innovation. This season, along with recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled glass, H&M introduces recycled brass and zinc, and TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ lyocell fibers, for the first time.

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019 秋冬系列,夜晚魅力遇上可持续创新

H&M的 Conscious Exclusive 系列回归了,带来了 10 周年系列晚装。灵感来自旧时代的化装舞会和令人


续发展的时尚。首次使用再生黄铜、回收锌以及部分用废棉制成的品牌莱赛尔纤维 TENCEL™x REFIBRA™

将会推出。从 9月 26 日开始,Conscious Exclusive AW19系列将在 hm.com上出售。

在这个新的秋季 Conscious Exclusive 系列中,浪漫连衣裙扮演着主角。从蓝色的玫瑰印花提花连衣裙到

拖地的粉红色薄纱长袍,这个系列展示了由再生聚酯混纺制成的醒目单品。其他材料还包括由 TENCELTM




“ H&M的 Conscious Exclusive 系列每个都有自己独特的开创性,因此展现给我们的第十个系列非常令

人激动,这证明了创新永无止境。这个季节,我们将引入回收黄铜。回收锌以及 TENCELTM x REFIBRATM



的时尚界限至关重要,向世界证明魅力与可持续发展可以并驾齐驱。” H&M 创意顾问 Ann-Sofie


“ Conscious Exclusive AW19系列背后的灵感源于 1960 年代的神秘化妆舞会。我们正在考虑一次令人



们希望这些衣服得到珍惜,并为美好的夜晚带来美好的回忆,使他们度过欢乐的夜晚,”H&M设计师 Ella

Soccorsi 说道。

关于H&M Conscious Exclusive

Conscious Exclusive 是一个反复出现的精美精品系列,这些系列赞美新季,并展示了专注于发展与创新


和锌,以及 TENCEL™x REFIBRA™莱赛尔纤维。

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