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Rag & Bone Returns to New York Fashion Week With The Evolution Of The Runway, Powered By Microso

Microsoft Technology Augments the Unveiling of the SS20 Rag & Bone Collection with a Technology-Fueled and Robot-Filled Performance.

NEW YORK, NY (September 6, 2019) — Acclaimed cultural fashion brand Rag & Bone has returned to the runway with an explosive unveiling of their coming Spring/Summer 2020 collection that completely transformed the aesthetic experience of the catwalk. Just as fashion shows dictate the trends to come, the Contrasts; Perspectives experience by Rag & Bone has broken the mold to set a new standard in fashion presentations for the future.

Industry insiders and fashion leaders from around the world sat in silence as the lights came up on a custom-built and trained robot taking center stage, preceding the beginnings of a powerful drum soundtrack and the emergence of dancers. Powered by Microsoft Azure Kinect DK technologies to interact with and interpret the performance, the robot captured the entire show and holistically presented it as a multidimensional 360-degree interpretation as the show’s backdrop. As a brand compelled by innovation, this technology-enhanced fashion experience was a fitting return after Rag & Bone’s three-year catwalk hiatus.

Fashion shows are traditionally just seen as a straight camera shot of someone walking down the runway, and we’ve always focused on different ways of seeing things and incorporating technology into an otherwise analog situation,” says Marcus Wainwright, CEO of Rag & Bone. “The Azure Kinect DK was a massive part of this show. We couldn’t have done it without it.

To ensure the robot’s movements would complement those of the human cast members, the newly released Azure Kinect DK, including the Sensor SDK and Body Tracking SDK, were leveraged to instruct responsively from real-time feedback. Moving about the stage to capture the models and their garments from unexpected angles and unique vantage points, these technologies transformed the performers into 3D pointillist models of cloud-point data that could convey both structure and volume. In this way the narrative of the performance was translated into unlikely images projected for all to see in a multidimensional 360- degree view on screens around the amphitheater, truly bringing the runway and the presentation of garments to the audience in a completely novel way.

Rag & Bone truly unlocked the creative potential of our technology, making a complex project look so seamless,”

says Maruschka Loubser, Director of Brand Partnerships. They provided viewers with an extra layer of visual depth through the live-sensor SDK and body-tracking SDK of the Azure Kinect DK, and crafted a cultural moment by disrupting the traditional runway show.”

From its origins in New York in 2002, Rag & Bone instantaneously distinguished itself by combining British heritage with directional, modern design. Today, the brand has become synonymous with innately wearable clothing that innovatively melds classic tailoring with an edgy yet understated New York aesthetic. Following the brand’s show experience at Battery Park Trading Floor, what we can expect from the Rag & Bone of tomorrow is as inspiring as the show itself.

rag & bone elevates the catwalk with technology

Rag& Bone 在秀场演变下重返纽约时装周,由 Microsoft

Technology 提供技术支持

纽约,纽约(2019 年 9月 6日)—备受赞誉的文化时尚品牌 Rag&Bone 回到了纽约,以即将到来的 2020

春夏系列爆炸性亮相,改变了时装表演的审美体验。就像时装秀决定了未来的趋势一样,the Contrasts;

Rag&Bone 的视角体验打破了传统,为未来时尚树立了新标准。


为舞台的焦点,接着强劲的鼓声开始响起,舞者出现。由Microsoft Azure Kinect DK 技术支持,可与表

演互动,机器人会记录整个表演并将其整体呈现为以 360 度全方位展现的秀场背景。作为创新的品牌,在

Rag&Bone 三年后的首场时装秀,这种技术增强的时尚体验是一次再合适不过的回归。

“传统上,时装秀只不过是有人沿着 t 台走的直镜头,我们一直专注于以不同的方式看待事物并将技术整

合到其他方面类似情况。” Rag&Bone 首席执行官Marcus Wainwright 说。 “ Azure Kinect DK 是


为了确保机器人的动作与人体演员的动作互补,新发布 Azure Kinect DK(包括 Sensor SDK 和 Body

Tracking SDK)被用于进行指导,实时反馈做出响应。在舞台上移动以意外的角度和独特的优势来捕捉模

特及其服装,这些技术将表演者转变为 3D的可以传达结构和数量的云点数据的点画师模型。用这种凡是,

叙述效果将转化为不太可能的图像,让所有人都能在圆形剧场周围的屏幕上多维 360 度观看,真正以一种


“Rag&Bone 真正释放了我们技术的创造潜力,使复杂的项目看起来如此流畅,”品牌合作伙伴总监

Maruschka Loubser 说。他们为观众提供了额外的视觉效果,通过Azure Kinect DK 的实时传感器 SDK

和人体跟踪 SDK,并通过突破传统的时装秀打造了一个文化时刻。

从 2002年起源于纽约开始,Rag&Bone 通过结合英国传承和具有方向性的现代设计的成功使自己在别的


的纽约美学的创新服装。接下来该品牌在Battery Park Trading Floor 有展示体验,我们对于 Rag&Bone


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