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Made in Italy Sustainable Fashion – Why Heritage And Craftsmanship Are Key(WTVOX)

Made in Italy sustainable fashion – Why heritage and craftsmanship are critical values to the emerging world of sustainable fashion.

‘Made in’ is one of the most powerful statements a brand can use to communicate the heritage, high-quality, expertise, and craftsmanship image of a country.

‘Made in Italy’ for example, showcases a world of knowledge, in an instance. ‘Made in Italy’ is the written reassurance that the products you’re about to buy are authentic, have exceptional quality, and unmatched style.

The strength of the slogan has granted many Italian brands success across the global markets. ‘Made in Italy’ encapsulates the country’s excellence in craft, superior product manufacturing, exclusive materials.

It is a name recognised across every industry, from fashion to automobiles, and by consumers from all over the world.

Why The Branding Matters

It is the motto that has made the Italian fashion industry a global force, arguably the second after the ‘Made in France’ country brand. It is a branding that is preserved with great care, especially in these times of growing competition in the global market of fashion. In times of turmoil that have forced many fashion labels to adopt new strategies to remain relevant to the market, from cutting down on manufacturing costs, recoursing to lower quality materials, slashing down on prices, and even relocate factories abroad to third world countries.

However, these are practices with unwanted consequences, such as pollution, unnecessary waste, child labour, low wages, inferior quality products, but most importantly, the devaluing of the country brand, so precious to the Italian fashion industry.

You Get What You Pay For

That is why ‘Made in Italy’ has remained a guarantee that ‘you get what you pay for’. Moreover, now, in times of sustainability and cruelty-free, Made in Italy certifies that products are made in ethical conditions, and from the best and most sustainable materialsavailable.

But the most critical value in the Made in Italy are the artisans that have gained and passed their expertise from generations and generations, as seen in footwear, jewellery, clothing, accessories, as long-lasting Italian products loved all over the world.

Their craftsmanship, technical skills, and expertise put them at the forefront of a sustainable fashion revolution, a change already visible in some of the most loved Italian products, as described below.

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