Why IGTV Is Still a Question Mark for Luxury Brands(BoF)

The article first appeared on the Business of Fashion.

When Instagram launched Stories, its Snapchat-like feature allowing users to post ephemeral content that would vanish after 24 hours, the social media platform had an immediate hit on its hands. Four months into its next big feature, IGTV, the results are less clear.

Instagram announced it's long-form video platform at the end of June. Many saw it as an attempt to take aim at YouTube, luring audiences away from the video-sharing website in a similar way that IG Stories has done with Snapchat.

IGTV is integrated into the main Instagram app and also has stand-alone app. Any user can set up an IGTV “channel” and post video content that runs for as long as an hour, compared with a one-minute Feed video or 15-second Stories post.

Betting on long-form video was considered