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Louis Vuitton Handbags – Is This The Future of Luxury Fashion?(WTVOX)

The article first appeared on the WTVOX.

You can say without hesitation that 2019 is the year of flexible displays; we’ve seen them everywhere, from the latest generation of foldable smartphones to the realm of luxury fashion, and now in Louis Vuitton handbags!

The newest addition, a new line of Louis Vuitton handbags with flexible digital screens, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Women’s Collections.

It all started at the Cruise Collection 2020 which took place at the TWA Flight Center, at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, thanks to its futurist design style inspired by the age of space explorations, created by architect Eero Saarinen.

Louis Vuitton Handbags – Canvas of the Future

Here, Louis Vuitton’s Cruise passengers embarked on round trips between the French haute-couture and heritage, and New York’s underground fashion. Between the extravagant elegance of Paris and Wall Street’s conformity of uniforms.

The whole event was imagined as a dialogue between Paris and New York, in homage to the first trans-Atlantic crossings that brought the French luxury house from the City of Light to the Big Apple.

For this special event, the designer has fused cutting-edge technology in some of Vuitton’s most iconic bags, while retaining Maison’s signature savoir-faire.

Hailed as the most innovative ‘canvas’ to date, according to an LVMH spokesman, “flexible displays have become the reason for reconsidering the digital ‘Canvas of the Future’,” in a breathtaking fusion of craftsmanship with technology.

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