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Brandboom Finds You Orders, Not Just Leads

Los Angeles, California — Brandboom today has released the latest version of its industry-leading B2B eCommerce platform, introducing new features designed to increase value and revenue for customers, and help build trust and transparency between them and their retailers. Brandboom v9.0 brings together a significant update that capitalizes on the company’s virtual trade show service, Connect, and increases the software’s capability and audience availability

Connect and Auto Connect

Since its launch in July 2018, Connect has disrupted traditional models of lead generation via trade show attendance and sales agent interaction. Connect uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and analyses buying patterns, similar products, and trends to suggest appropriate buyers or retailers to Brandboom customers for their product lines.

Hundreds of customers have flocked to the service, with some users seeing over $70,000 of initial orders from buyers they had never worked with before, leading to additional repeat business from their newfound clients. “Brandboom’s platform and features have made it so simple that connecting with buyers is as easy as it gets. You can even talk to the buyers with the chat feature” said Besfort Mulici, owner of IAMDOPE, a UK-based streetwear company who has filled orders for new buyers in other countries via Connect.

Auto Connect expands the service by helping users find and contact buyers even more efficiently. Users select a line sheet or look book (Presentation), and Auto Connect will automatically propose their lines to buyers who have a high probability of opening and ordering from their proposals. “As someone in sales, there are pros and cons of the concept of attending trade shows and conventions. Besides time away from family, the most pertinent con is the sheer cost vs. benefit, especially in a startup business” says Mark Kwong, Brandboom’s Head of Business Development. “Auto Connect conceivably acts as an additional sales agent for our customers - working round the clock and around the world to delight them by finding orders, not just leads.”

In addition to the release of the Auto Connect feature, Brandboom has opened access to the Connect service to customers on their Free plan. Connect was previously only available on paid monthly and annual subscription plans.

“Brandboom’s platform and features have made it so simple that connecting with buyers is as easy as it gets”

Rating System

The introduction of Ratings allows for improved customer experience for both buyers and sellers who use Brandboom. Users will be allowed to leave a score (stars) and written feedback on their transactions. The simple, but highly effective new feature provides the platform an additional layer of security and confidence. According to Eric Ni, CEO and co-Founder of Brandboom “One of the biggest challenges we have is trust between buyers and sellers, especially on Connect, where the two parties have probably had very little interaction or background on each other. We want to help deliver transparency and accountability, and enable increased security in transactions. We want our customers to make more money, so we’re doing everything we can to help them do that.”

Ratings will be available on every transaction between buyer and seller. Brandboom believes the 360-degree transparency will increase engagement and ensure quality delivery from all parties.

Brandboom refashioned traditional B2B commerce and wholesale markets by introducing its cloud-based line sheet platform in 2010. Brandboom continues to lead and innovate the industry with its effortless Line Sheets, Ordering & Invoicing tools and the industry-standard Brandboom Link. Brandboom has reinvented trade shows with its revolutionary artificial intelligence service, Connect - helping their customers create partnerships with over 100,000 buyers worldwide.

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