Sylvia Heisel Partners With Morphi, Ultimaker And WillowFlex To Create A 3D Printed Names Dress In F

April 12, 2019, New York, NY. Sylvia Heisel, head of design lab Heisel and fashion tech pioneer, is the creator of the Names Dress, a wearable, compostable conceptual art piece engineered with over 300 handwritten, 3D printed names of women in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) fields. A collaboration among friends and colleagues, the dress was designed from 2D to 3D solely in Morphi, a 3D design software on iPad and 3D printed in parts on Ultimaker 3D printers using BioInspiration’s WillowFlex flexible compostable bio-plastic.

The concept emerged from ongoing conversations that Sylvia had with her friend and collaborator, Sophia Georgiou, founder of Morphi, on the interconnected themes of women’s empowerment, sustainability, design and tech. Liz Arum at Ultimaker also assisted in the collaboration, and together they compiled a broad group of women, from publicly available sources and referrals, to be included in the project.

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