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Collision Technology Conference Now Seven Times The Size Of Last Year’s US Event

In its first year in Canada, North America’s fastest-growing technology conference has officially announced it has now reached maximum capacity for this year’s Collision event, to be held in Toronto’s Enercare Centre from May 20 - 23.

The size of Collision’s now sold-out floor space is set to be seven times larger than Collison 2018, formerly held in New Orleans. The size of the space has also surpassed its flagship event, Web Summit. This year’s Collision is also bringing more than twice as many speakers, startups and investors compared to last year’s conference.

“Canada is having a moment and we can see this with the level of interest for this year’s Collision and its first year since moving it out of the United States. The Collision floor has exceeded all expectations, and our incredible line-up of speakers and new stages have us all very excited for this coming May and for the remaining years in Toronto” - Paddy Cosgrave, Founder and CEO of Web Summit.

Collision has attracted a great deal of international interest to Toronto. Tech giants such as AWS, Airbnb, Microsoft, Cisco, Stripe and Slack alongside a number of multinationals like KPMG, Volvo, Siemens and Johnson&Johnson are partnering over the four-day event. Additionally, top Canadian companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Interac and Shopify will also have a presence on the conference floor.

This year’s line-up include a variety of speakers, from tech gurus such as Ev Williams the founder of Medium and Kara Swisher from Recode, to actors like Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Additionally, the conference will host six new tracks this year, covering even more topics such as corporate innovation, fintech and health-tech to name a few.

About Collision

Known by Inc. Magazine as the “fastest growing tech conference in North America”. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees and is in for a big change in 2019. Following three sunny, jazz-filled years in New Orleans, Collision is moving to Toronto. The event will be held from May 20 - 23 at the Enercare Centre.

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