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New AI Fashion Mass Customization Software Is Poised To Make Billions With Over 32 Million Choices(F

Outfit on Couturme customer made with their software COUTURME

Outfit on Couturme customer made with their software


The article first appeared on the Forbes.

We've been waiting a long time for this, a company that can offer consumers the convenience of Stitchfix door delivery fashions with the individual design and custom tailoring of bespoke and couture. COUTURME, a San Francisco start-up has managed to succeed where so many other custom fit software and bio measurement companies have struggled. Like Stitchfix, Couturme starts with a style questionnaire, but then takes the process all the way through production, offering both speed and nearly infinite design options. With over 32 million possibilities and 97% fit accuracy based on thousands of customer interactions, customers can create nearly any design they want with near perfect fit. No other company has accomplish this so completely. COUTURME’S secret is patent-pending CAD software.

How it works: Step 1. Fill out a short questionnaire with your AI stylist assistant. Step2. Survey a number of styles selected based on your answers. Step 3. Re-design. Change the neckline, sleeve length, skirt length, or even change the waistline positioning to create an entirely different design. Step 4. Give your AI tailor your measurements. Don’t worry, COUTURME’S tailor doesn’t judge. Step 5. A perfectly fitting pattern in minutes. Step 6. Your pattern is sent to a factory where it is made in the fabrics you selected. Step 7. Your design is flown back to you.

Why this promises to be so big. Over 74 Million American women do not fit standard sizes. This leads to large numbers of returns, overproduction and waste, not to mention frustration and poor self-esteem. Already the company has thousands of customers who have used the software to create designs for special occasions like the red carpet and with selections of not just dresses but also blazers, pants and blouses, women can create entire wardrobes with perfect fit. Other companies have tried large, expensive scanners to create better fits but this requires women to come in person to stores and then only helps them select better fits from clothes that have already been produced. Other custom fit software companies offer so few design options that they fail to entice today’s fashion savvy consumers.

Read the full article on the Forbes.

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