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What If Your Jewelry Had Super Powers - Introducing Luxe Bluetooth

photo by Luxe Bluetooth

What happens when a jewelry designer and system design engineer collaborate? They create the world’s most stylish Bluetooth headset. These are not your ordinary bulky, unisex hearable. They’re made exclusively for women on the go and they look like high-end earrings. They come in 5 different designs to match your style. From a discreet, small crystal to a statement piece ear cuff. Finally, a wearable that’s actually wearable!

Each piece is crafted with a blend of Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia, and gemstones. With enough talk time (6 hours of battery life), voice command (connects to Siri or Alexa), music plays, calendar reminders and of course phone calls, these take smart jewelry to the next level. And if they reach their Kickstarter goal, they’re set to release more beautiful colors and designs.

If you’re looking for a stylish headset for a Mother’s Day gift, they also offer gift certificates too.

They’re set to deliver by end of Summer 2019. Early backers get early bird pricing. Get a gift for Mother’s Day or just get one for yourself. These will be the hottest new trend in jewelry.

photo by Luxe Bluetooth


• Be one of the first to own the most stylish, new smart jewelry at early bird pricing • Stay safe and keep your eyes on the road with hands-free talk and text • Listen to your favorite music in style • Stay organized with voice assistant • Perfect for travel • No more searching for your phone in your purse • Makes the perfect gift for technology lovers and the one who has it all

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The inspiration behind the product came to them years ago when the ear cuff trend was just on the cuff of entering the fashion market. For a female jewelry designer, it seemed like a no brainer. We wear ear cuffs on our ears, so why not make them multi-functional and infuse them with same Bluetooth technology as your mobile phone? A 2-in-1 beautiful wearable that women can actually wear. Fortunately, partnering with a system design engineer was the perfect meeting of the minds. After years of development, working closely with the best designers, consultants and manufacturers, they’re now ready to share their idea with the world and help women feel beautiful and confident wearing the most stylish wearable device.

Most importantly, they want to empower women to feel more safe driving hands free, more in control with one touch voice command. No more searching for your phone in your purse, and of course feel confident knowing you look beautiful in the latest styles and smart technology is discreetly always on hand!

Because Smart is Beautiful!

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