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Kim Kardashian West Puts Her Spin on a Beloved Tech Bro Staple(Vogue)



The article first appeared on the Vogue.

When it comes to references for her personal style, Kim Kardashian West knows no bounds: she’ll take fashion cues anywhere from Cher to Marilyn Monroe to a ’90s runway look modeled by Naomi Campbell, and then rework said aesthetic in such a way that is all her own. The world is her oyster, if you will, and her closet is definitely the pearl. Still, the inspiration for her latest outfit is more unexpected than ever. She’s gone and channelled a Silicon Valley tech bro.

Today, Kardashian West stepped out in West Hollywood wearing a piece that’s pretty much the standard uniform for any tech start-up: a fleece jacket. Cozy, warm, and no-frills, the outerwear piece is inextricably linked to those casual work environments where blazers are not required. Her take on the staple wasn’t without a twist: Kim styled it monochromatically, as she’s often known to do, choosing a grey-blue shearling style to match her athletic top and leggings. On her feet, a pair of her husband Kanye West’s chunky Yeezy Boost sneakers. In her hand, the ultimate geek-chic accessory: an iPhone.

Considering Kardashian West herself is a tech mogul of sorts—in addition to owning Instagram with 132 million followers, she’s also developed her own game app, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”—the nod to that iconic tech bro aesthetic isn’t so far off-base. What will be next? A Patagonia vest? If she does, you can be sure she'll make it paparazzi ready.

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