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iPose App Review, Recreate Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein Photo

What's up beautiful people! I am back for a new review! This time I've partnered with iPose app to share with you this amazing app. I recreated one of the Kendall Jenner X Calvin Klein campaign photos by using the iPose app. Y'all know I love Kendall so much that she is def one of my fashion icons. I also filmed a kendall Jenner style lookbook video and you guys are going to see very soon! Anyways let me introduce the iPose app today.

What is iPose?

i-Pose is a unique social media platform that challenges creative individuals to pose and photograph themselves as their favorite icons, legends, heroes, and mentors. Conceived by the iconic SOMA Magazine, each i-Pose image tells two stories—one of the person posing (the subject) and one of the idol being emulated (the icon). Whether the photos are shot with an expensive camera or an iPhone, i-Pose seeks to discover, curate, and showcase future creative leaders from all over the world as they emulate the artists, musicians, actors, photographers, and designers who inspire them. Graded by the iPose community, the i-Pose users with the best photos will be selected to participate in a “Pose-Off” competition, where a panel of renowned judges will announce the top ten winning photographs every month.

So basically, it means you can pick your favorite icons photos and recreate the photo with you then upload them on the app. Your photos will be showcased to lots of brands, media and agencies. It is a good platform to open lots of potential opportunities for talents to be discovered. As a blogger/influencer myself, I am constantly looking for new brands and agencies to work with. In terms of raising my personal awareness, more brands I work with the better I can showcase my content to the world as well as improve the quality of my content. That's why I highly recommend the app to talents.

Watch My Full Review Video

In the video I will tell you everything about the iPose app, how I recreate the Kendall Jenner photo and how to use the app. Hope you guys find it useful!

Kendall Jenner X Calvin Klein

photo by Tech Loves Style

Yarina Yao

What do you guys think??? Comment down below and let me know!


Thanks for reading and watching! As always I love you guys and I will see you the next one!


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