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Cruelty Free Makeup Brands And Why You Want Them Now(WTVOX)

The article first appeared on the WTVOX.

Cruelty free makeup can be simply defined as the type of makeup that’s not tested on animals. According to the animal rights movement, the label cruelty-free on a product is showing that no animals were harmed in its manufacturing.

Cruelty-free makeup is the safest choice for people, while not harming animals. In fact, it is excellent from a business point of view as well.

Even before the cruelty law was passed, many makeup brands have taken the initiative to go cruelty-free on their own. Brands that understood the long-term benefits for both, people and their businesses.

Beginning Of A Movement

Lady Dowling was the first person who encouraged manufacturers to use the label ‘Beauty without cruelty’ in the year 1959. Since then, the term has gained popularity, and in the year of 1970, Marcia Pearson founded the group ‘Fashion with Compassion’.

Lately, the regulators stepped in led by Senator Cathleen Galgiani; the SB 1249 Act was launched. It proposed a ban on any makeups and cosmetics that were being tested on animals.

Nowadays companies are offering a wide range of cruelty-free makeup products. To support the move, many organisations including PETA, and the ‘Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ have released lists of cruelty-free makeup products. They’ve also released lists of make-up products made in cruel conditions for the animals, asking to be boycotted.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Or False Marketing?

A growing number of makeup manufacturers labelling their products as “cruelty -free”, “not tested on animals” or “against animal testing”. However, it is very hard for consumers to be sure that’s the case.

In fact, research shows that most labels are very misleading, abusing the fact there is no legal way of enforcing them to tell if the labelling is accurate or not.

In spite of the availability of many alternatives, animals are still subjected to horrific tests all over the world, under the excuse of creating a new foundation or eye shadow, for women who want to look good. But, let’s not forget that we live in the 21st century.

What Needs To Be Done

We must end and legally punish any cosmetic companies for doing animal testing to make-up products. It starts with you, the consumers of make-up.

Similarly, with your choice, for animal-free products. You can still get excellent quality products, even if they are not tested or made from animal parts.

Finally, see cruelty free makeup brands like Real Techniques, Chantecaille, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f Cosmetics, and Wet N’Wild, leading the revolution against animal testing.

Such brands are making some of the best organic makeup products in the world and if you really care about your skin, look, and animals, you should start using them right now.

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