The Craziest Tech At CES 2019 So Far...(GQ)

January 9, 2019

Photo by GQ


The article first appeared on the GQ UK.


Hypervsn Solo L

 photo by GQ


When we saw this hologram technology, we couldn't figure out how on earth it worked – it really looks the full "Help me, Obi-Wan". The secret: an array of spinning blades rigged with LEDs that create a convincing 3D image at 30 frames per second. Hypervsn's latest unit is 75cm, allowing for a picture 80% larger than before.



photo by GQ


This hybrid electric personal flying machine takes off and lands vertically thanks to the four horizontal propellers above the passenger’s head. It also has a jet turbine engine that produces 27kg of downward force when hovering; in flight the engine pitches to add thrust.


Royole foldable smartphone

 photo by GQ


Yes, this foldable smartphone was demo'd at CES last year, but this year it's actually on sale. A combination of phone and tablet, it uses Royole's second generation, ultra thin, fully flexible display.​


Read the full article on the GQ UK.

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