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Strateas Carlucci Announces Woolmark Collaboration-Inspired By Pushing Technology And Fabric Innovat

photo by Strateas Carlucci

STRATEAS CARLUCCI - in collaboration with The Woolmark Company - is releasing an exclusive capsule collection for both men and women this September. STRATEAS CARLUCCI has also teamed up with global online retailer Farfetch, who along with the brand’s own online store, will sell the collection exclusively.

Having a longstanding relationship with The Woolmark Company after winning both the mens and women’s regional finals for the International Woolmark Prize in 2015, STRATEAS CARLUCCI has continued to champion Australian Merino wool in its collections each season.

This capsule collection titled ‘UNEXPECTED NATURE’ explores the concept of breaking down stereotypes and disrupting first impressions. Inspired by pushing technology and fabric innovation with wool, STRATEAS CARLUCCI aims to create garments that may surprise upon discovery.

“Often there is a pre-conceived idea from a customer’s point of view about wool, and what garments are made from wool. This capsule collection challenges the notion that wool is only used for traditional tailoring and knitwear by creating interesting hybrid-like garments and meshing sportswear with more traditional tailored pieces.” Says Mario-Luca Carlucci, one half of the duo.

From working with local Australian knitwear factories, to Italian and Japanese mills, the collection sees a variety of interesting knitted and woven Merino wool fabrics in unique interpretations.

“In this capsule you can still expect to see great knitwear and tailoring, however with a unique twist. For example, our version of a classic tailored two-piece comes in the form of a polyurethane coated Merino wool from Japan, which not only retains the natural wool look and feel, yet creates this protective membrane that enhances the fabric.”

This 50-plus piece collection includes sportswear-inspired pieces, from hoodies, sweaters, anoraks, bombers and trenches, to classic tailored shapes including coats, outerwear, trousers and suiting to unique hybrid garments such dress-shirt variations and more. Within the capsule we can also expect some tongue-in-cheek Australian colloquialism in the form of printed Merino jersey basics and sweaters.

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