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Up Down,The First Immersive & Interactive Sustainable Art Fashion Pop-Up Exhibition in New York

An immersive and interactive sustainable art & fashion pop-up exhibition called 'Up Down' is open during the month of October at 192 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. It is curated by a team of artists and designers from Parsons, F.I.T. and Columbia with the support from the creative start-up MindSight Lab.

The exhibition invited 10 talented artists and designers from all over the world to discuss sustainability and to inspire how creativity can help us be more sustainable while also providing interactive experiences. Three sections are presented:

Innovative Approach Creative Zero WasteHuman, Nature, Fashion

Art, technology and sustainability will be presented in each room. During the month, the exhibition also carries different eco-brands to support designer's eco-effort. On Friday and Saturdays, talented fashion design students from Parson will make alterations suggestions, so as to breathe new life into your old clothes. On Sunday, eco-brand 'Little Ondine' will offer free manicure sessions.

“It was very natural for us to think about contributing to sustainability. At first, we wanted to open a 'green' retail store but soon realized we can only impress our customers by making it cool and interactive.” said Sunny Guo and Leah Li, Co-Founders of 'Up Down.' “With art, technology and creativity, sustainability is really cool and stylish."

To learn more about this developing sustainable fashion pop-up exhibition in NYC, visit Updown.NYC.

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