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Soak: First 3D-Printed Recyclable Fashion Slides

photo courtesy of Soak

photo courtesy of Soak

Cobbler Technologies and SOAK USA announce collaboration to print eco-friendly sandals.

Cobbler Technologies a 3D-printer technology company and Soak USA, a socially responsible female-founded footwear brand have teamed up to offer the world's first 3D-printed recyclable fashion slide sandals.

It seems that 3D-printing technology is starting to become cost competitive with traditional manufacturing methods. Andrew Katon, CEO Cobbler Technologies points out: “3D-printing has remained out of reach for most production applications due to the high cost of materials. Our team of engineers has been quietly perfecting 3DAPDTM, a high-resolution production 3D-printing technology built around common production materials. The result is a dramatic cost reduction in 3D-printing which now positions 3DAPDTM as a price competitive option when businesses manufacture products. We’re excited to partner with SOAK to bring an environmentally conscious 3D-printed product to market.”

It seems that the benefits of 3DAPDTM extend well beyond improving manufacturing efficiencies. "SOAK USA is excited about the opportunity to leverage this innovative technology and apply it to a fashion -forward brand,” commented Michelle Vale, Co-founder of SOAK USA. “We will offer our two most popular colors, gold and silver, and will add custom colors in the near future. This collaboration is in alignment with our eco-friendly, made in the USA philosophy."

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