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Balmain Launches Virtual Army With Shudu

photo courtesy of Balmain

photo courtesy of Balmain

There’s one quality that immediately stands out when you look at the growing Balmain Army: a unfettered celebration of inclusion. Anyone and everyone is always welcome to join its growing ranks—they need only share our bold spirit of adventure. Balmain’s runways and campaigns, of course, are also known for an insistence on reflecting today’s beautifully diverse world.

"So, it should come as no surprise that when the team and I saw the first generation of CGI models, we told ourselves that if this was the way the world was going, we wanted to ensure that diversity plays a strong part in that future. We reached out to Cameron-James Wilson, proposing that he help us construct a new, alternative and virtual Balmain Army; one that complemented and reflected our present army’s beautiful mix, strong confidence and inspiring eagerness to explore and set off to new worlds. I’m proud today to introduce the first results of our collaboration with Cameron—three members of our new virtual Balmain army: Margot, Shudu and Zhi. Each mirrors the beauty, rock-star individuality and confident power that we’ve seen on Balmain runways and in our campaigns. These pioneers are set in poses recalling iconic music images, each holding one of the latest designs from our BBox line".

-Olivier Rousteing

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