People Watching in Stockholm

Photographer: @monovisualart

HELLO BABIES! Welcome back to my blog! Are you guys missing me? Yes I know I miss you, too! 😘😘😘 As you guys know, I went to Stockholm for Fashion Tech Talks early June. I spent couple more days there to just visit the beautiful city. Here are some photos my photographer Martin captured me on the street. I was enjoying my people watching moment.

To be honestly, this look is actually the real style you would see me wear daily. Although I love all those edgy and good design pieces, I still like to wear clothes that are super comfy and easy to move around the most. Statement tees are so trendy since last couple seasons, they represent you well so I love them. A pair of nice-fit jeans are a must-have girls! They refine your legs's shape perfectly! I remember there were a poll about the cutest clothes men like women to wear. Guess what? A pair of fit jeans won! White sneakers are just like little black dresses, they are forever trendy. Oh btw, your girl wears glasses lol.

Thanks for reading! Happy shopping! I love you and see you the next one!

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