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FashNerd + Munich Fabric Start Collaborative ‘Wardrobe of the Future’

photo by FashNerd

photo courtesy of Nadi

London-Predictions of fashion usually focus on the next season, but this coming September 2018, will be creating a unique experience in collaboration with Munich Fabric Start, to further strengthen the fashion technology presence at the Keyhouse.

Today, FashNerd has announced the upcoming launch of The Wardrobe of The Future in partnership with Munich Fabric Start, a leading textile trade show that has attracted exhibitors like Elektrocouture, FabLab Berlin, Pauline van Dongen, Sourcebook and Wear It Berlin.

Fashion has always been a hotbed for innovation, that has kept many of us on our toes and wondering what we will be wearing in the future. With the rise of clothes that have been designed with both intelligence and style, the 'Wardrobe of the Future' is a trend-led walk-in wardrobe built to provide a unique experience that introduces the kind of brands that have successfully merged fashion with technology.

Set against the backdrop of the Munich Fabric Start's Keyhouse, a fashion tech space that launched 30th August 2016, the bespoke wardrobe, will be showcasing items of clothing, and some accessories, that are available to buy now. Offering an up close and personal experience, the curated collection will include fashion tech startups like Emel + Aris, Wearable X, Thesis Couture, Pyrates and Lorna & Bel.

photo courtesy of Pyrates

photo courtesy of Pyrates

On being part of the project, Wearable X Founder Billie Whitehouse said; "The wardrobe of the future will be about empowering the human experience not just through personalisation but also through technologies that surprise and delight. Unlike technology, there is not "one ring to rule them all" in fashion, it is the coordination and curation of tones, colours, textures, shapes and silhouettes that allows the wearer to play with their experience. Now for the first time, this will include technology that helps you feel."

photo courtesy of Wearable X

photo courtesy of Wearable X

Lorna, the founder of Lorna & Bel, added; "We see the fashion space as having limitless potential for all kinds of tech integration, big and small, especially with technology being so central to our lives. It is exciting to see brands integrating technology into fashion in fresh and innovative ways. The Wardrobe of the Future gives us a peek into how our wardrobes will evolve. It shows how fashion can put technology to work to give us performance-driven products that make our lives a little easier while still speaking the language of style."

photo courtesy of Lorna & Bel

photo courtesy of Lorna & Bel

Co-founder of Muchaneta Kapfunde who has been spearheading the project said: "We want to bring together brands which represent what the merger of fashion with technology has achieved thus far. The brands we are working with will not only give attendees a glimpse of what could be in their future wardrobe, but it will also create a unique experience that has never been done before at the Keyhouse". With an ambitious plan to bring fashion technology to the masses, Muchaneta hopes that the creation of the wardrobe will give people a better understanding of how technology is being used as a tool by various fashion-forward labels and startups.

Claudia Mynott Marketing and Communications Director of Munich Fabric Start said; “We are very excited to bring fashion technology at the Keyhouse to the next level – with real and perceptible ready-to-wear smart products. The Wardrobe of The Future closes the loop from first prototypes and showcases to final consumer products presented at Keyhouse. In close cooperation with, we have managed to set up an impressive line-up of select smart brands that demonstrate the possibilities, advantages and the potential of fashion technology and our future wardrobes at a glance”.

More brands to be announced soon.



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As first of the European leading trade fairs, MUNICH FABRIC START embraces an elaborately select portfolio of more than 1000 international fabrics und trims suppliers in Munich twice a year. Established top-notch weavers and manufacturers from all over the world showcase their latest highlights and developments for all significant segments in some 1,800 basic to haute couture collections. With KEYHOUSE as think tank of technical textile expertise and innovation center, individual product innovations, smart fabrics, innovative developments, resource use and new cross-sector technologies are made accessible to approach new dynamism and progressiveness for a sector that is continuously reinventing itself.

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