Summer Beach Day With #TommyGirl Yarina Yao

photo by Tech Loves Style

Photos by #DarkRunners

What's up my loves! How was your weekend? I am sure you had a great one because I had a wonderful one! As you guys know that I now spend half of the year in Shanghai so it's definitely a little harder than LA to find a beach for getting tan. Luckily, my friends found one out of no where called Shanghai Shimao Riviera Garden(上海世茂滨江花园). I'll put the address at the end of the post. The artificial beach with pools are inside the neighborhood and open to public at weekends. So yeah! Ya girl finally got some tan! WOOHOOOOO!

Oh well, besides tanning time is of course flirting time! 😏😏😏 Shanghai is a very international city so there are LOTS OF hot guys here(Now you wanna visit right away girls, don't you?😜). I gotta make sure I look great so I picked this @TommyHilfiger set. This is actually the sports bra and panty set but I wore them as a swim set and turned out a perfect result. The iconic red and navy colors plus ribbed logo in white highlighted the whole beach day!



Shanghai Shimao Riviera Garden(上海世茂滨江花园)Address: 1 Weifang W Rd, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000. Phone: +86 21 6888 8888

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! I love you all and see you the next one!

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