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The Only Thing That Buyers Want From Wearable Technology Fashion(WT VOX)

The article first appeared on the WT VOX.

So, what is that one thing that buyers want from wearable technology fashion? While wearable technology has found many applications in retail, automobile, medical, and insurance sectors, the vast potential of the fashion landscape remains untapped. At the same time, most experts agree that the problem lies in understanding the needs of the end consumer. However, the angles of approach are interesting, to say at least.

For example, some practitioners argue that for the fashion technology segment to take off, customers must show the willingness to keep wearing wearable technology infused garments, until it becomes an integral part of their lives.


Truth being said, there’s no point in businesses developing smart garments infused with wearable technology if nobody buys them. And yet, we argue that for the fashion consumers to engage in the consumption of fashion tech garments, before it becomes a part of their daily lives, these modern interpretations of fashion must have appealing aesthetics, and values that would incentives the shoppers to buy.

At this year’s Wearable Technology Show in London, the expert panellists were unequivocal about the need for aesthetics in wearable technology fashion segment, and the importance of designing fashion tech garments and accessories that look good. Long before consumers pay attention to the technological construct and functional value of a wearable device, they should desire it first.


Most fashion experts agree that intangible attributes such as design, branding, heritage, and the story behind the products, are in fact the subconscious drivers of consumption. Moreover, they are pointing at the clear distinction between the functional and aesthetic characteristics of products, especially the products in the fashion and luxury segments. To oversimplify, fashion has always been about how it looks and how it makes the consumer feel.

Growing evidence shows that the fashion industry goes through a period of rapid technologically-driven transformations. Also, a growing body of research shows that wearable technology infused apparel and accessories have become more desirable among the general public.

Read more on the WT VOX.

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