Target Shines a Spotlight on Fashion Tech(WWD)

360 Fashion Network founder and CEO Anina Trepte (R) with model, in a campaign image for the 360 Fashion Network recharging wallet.

The article first appeared on the WWD.

SYDNEY — Target Corp. is partnering with American fashion tech developer Anina “Net” Trepte on a “Future Jewelry” event at its Internet of Things concept store Target Open House in San Francisco.

According to a Target rep, the event is the first that Target has hosted in partnership with a vendor specifically about smart jewellery.

It coincides with the unveiling of a small range of Trepte’s products inside the store’s “Garage” area — an incubator space where early stage tech products are selected for hands-on testing, with the potential to subsequently roll out into wider retail.

To be displayed over August, the products include the new 360Fash Tech “Totwoo Love” Kit, a plug-and-play jewelry-maker kit that Trepte developed with Beijing-based smart jewelry company Totwoo, which allows fashion and jewelry designers to create smart jewelry without the need to code or solder; Totwoo’s new Love Bloom smart pendant; and 360Fashion Network’s new charging wallet and smart safety ring.

The 360Fash Tech “Totwoo Love” Kit smart jewelry maker kit, developed by 360 Fashion Network and China’s Totwoo.

A fashion model-turned-entrepreneur, Trepte recently returned to San Francisco for part of the year to establish a West Coast base, after spending a decade in Beijing.

In China, she developed a range of fashion-tech products and almost a dozen fashion-tech maker kits, covering everything from robotic dresses to LED handbags and smart gloves, which are due for release by the end of the year.

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