How Amber Venz Box Built a $1 Billion Fashion-Tech Company, All Inspired by a Text Message(In Style)

Photo Courtesy of InStyle

The article first appeared on the In Style.

Dallas-born entrepreneur Amber Venz Box is an influencer’s best friend. She, along with her husband Baxter Box, launched the website RewardStyle and its app offshoot, where fashion influencers can turn their social posts into dollar signs, not just 'likes.' “Our mission is really to empower influencers to be as economically successfully as possible,” Venz Box says. “We want to make monetizing influence as easy as turning a key.”

And it worked—to the tune of $1 billion. The business model? Influencers sign up for the app, retailers partner with it, and every time shoppers buy an item that they spotted in a registered influencer's images, everyone makes a buck.