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When Made-in-Italy Mastery Meets Technology, ProdigIO Is Taking Wearables To High-End Level!

Photo by wearableitalia

Smart jewelry and Italian style, an illusory paradox

ProdigIO marks a breakthrough in bridging the gap between the latest cutting edge technology and the Made-in-Italy style, which until now was the main feature of smart jewelry. Wearableitalia’s jewelry brilliantly combines two allegedly opposite poles: the unique style and absolutely artisan production typical of made-inItaly products with the latest cutting edge technology, exclusive and patented.

Photo by wearableitalia

Plus. Photo courtesy of Wearableitalia.

Debut at Mudec

Wearableitalia’s ProdigIO collection was presented at “Crafting the future”, an exhibition dedicated to craftsmanship and innovation organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion for Fashion Week 2016. Hosted in Milan’s Mudec from September 21st to October 13th, the exhibition was supervised by none other than Vogue Italias’ historic director Franca Sozzani, supported by Vogue Italia’s senior editor Sara Maino. A fantastic debut for the collection and the start-up in general, affirming the company’s high positioning in the meta-luxury sector.

Photo by wearableitalia

Contrarié. Photo courtesy of Wearableitalia.

The path of creativity: handmade products

All the great aspects of Italian creativity and manufacturing processes: this is the secret behind the exclusive style of the three bracelets that make up the ProdigIO collection, the result of the perfect combination of Italian style and cutting edge technology.

Fluid, Plus and Contrarié: these are the names of the three models of smart bracelets in the ProdigIO collection, created by designer Roberto Ferlito, who also works for the Schield brand. These beautiful objects are part of the tradition of style that has made Italy world famous, but also stem from an extremely modern vision that perfectly fits with the smart spirit of the jewels. Wearableitalia entrusted the production of the ProdigIO bracelets to master goldsmiths with over thirty years of experience in the meta-luxury and fashion industry, another step in the made-in-Italy tradition that affirms these products’ totally meticulous, artisan basis. After the design stage and the choice of materials, Wearableitalia’s master goldsmiths begin to truly create the jewelry. Each piece is ground with sand paper and dipped in an ultrasound bath to polish it and make its surfaces shine. The material is then melted and poured into an ingot mold, and once all impurities have been eliminated, it goes through a process of rhodium plating which increases its brilliance and resistance to oxidation.

Each step of the process is as precious as the piece itself, thanks to the expertise of the craftsmen involved; this expertise is an authentic Italian treasure to be cherished. This is why the bracelets in the ProdigIO collection are truly unique: every detail that is different between one piece and another is simply proof of the highest quality.

Photo by wearableitalia

Fluid. Photo courtesy of Wearableitalia.

Safety for women

ProdigIO bracelets contain patented technology that allows them to communicate via Bluetooth with a dedicated app, which operates on iOS, Android and Windows.

Below are its features:

- Calorie counter

- Workout recording and monitoring

- Pedometer - Alarm

- Incoming view filter (calls, sms, email, social networks);

- Personalized filters depending on the time of day;

- Long-lasting batteries (up to 10/15 days without recharging).

But that’s not all: ProdigIO bracelets are not just incredibly stylish jewelry - they are also women’s silent allies. All the bracelets have a safety button to use in case of danger. This alarm allows you to send an emergency SMS that will be immediately transmitted to all the contacts loaded on the app, which can also be programmed to send a call or the sender’s geolocation, depending on their preferences.

Launching date: July 10th at 11 am EDT.

London 4 pm

Rome 5 pm

San Francisco 8 am

New York 11 am

Wearableitalia are offering a limited number of bracelets for early bird special at 50% OFF our normal retail price. (199$ for the first 99 backers ) You will be able to choose from Silver, Gold and Ruthenium all for the special price.

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