Tired Of Swiping? Try The New Dating Game App Crown!

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From the makers of Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid, comes Crown, a new dating game app that makes online dating fun again.

Crown app

It’s ideal for singles who are tired of spending hours swiping in hopes of finding a match. Millennials are particularly prone to swipe fatigue as they spend an average of 10 hours per week on dating apps.

Designed in-house by a millennial female team member as part of Match Group’s internal Ideathon, Crown takes a “less swiping, more fun” approach to online dating.

Crown launch party in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Crown.

Crown launch party in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Crown.

How It Works:

Crown curates 16 matches daily and delivers them to you in a bracket-style format. Matches are paired against each other, and you simply choose who you like more between two people at a time (vs. an endless pool of hopefuls). Once you’ve chosen your final four, Crown will message them that they’ve won your dating game for the day. The winners can then decide if they want to chat or keep playing the game up until noon the next day. You can also chat with anyone who has crowned you a winner in their game. The game resets at noon with new matches and you get to play all over again.

Photo courtesy of Crown.

Insight from Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to Match Group:

"Crown solves the single biggest problem in online dating today: “cognitive overload.” The human brain is simply not built to choose between hundreds of potential suitors—as all the current dating apps require singles to do. But the brain can easily choose between two potential partners daily, and Crown is designed in a way that ignites the brain’s dopamine system, triggering focus, energy and optimism -- essential tools for finding love."

"Like it or not, looks count. The brain is built for that. And Crown helps you get to meeting and communicating with them sooner, which is what is most important because the only real algorithm is your own brain."

Try and download the Crown app here.

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