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Hello my loves! Welcome back to my blog! If you follow my socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you already saw that I went to the 2018 Fashion Tech Talks in Stockholm. As a fashion-tech influencer, I am so thrilled to be invited to this year's event. It was a good chance for me to explore fashion-tech in all areas!

For lots of you probably don't know why I decided to become a fashion-tech influencer. Honestly, I was not a tech fan at all. I love fashion so much. I was majoring in fashion design for 4 years and I worked for fashion magazines for couple years as well. If you ask me if I am a fashion person or tech person, my answer will be fashion for sure! Then why fashion-tech is so important now on the millennials? Since 2016, the fashion-tech industry started to grow rapidly. Technology companies quickly launched different kinds of wearables into the market and fashion companies collaborated with tech startups for creating smart clothes & accessories. Admit or not, technology changes our lives so much these years. Without technology, our world wouldn't grow that fast. That's why fashion industry needs tech now more than ever! I will explain a little bit more in my vlog video at the end of this post. Make sure to read till the end! FTT discussed fashion-tech in all areas. I learned a lot through the whole day event. Today I am sharing with you my notes. Hope to inspire you and your companies!

What is Fashion Tech Talks?

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

The rapid technological development is reshaping the global fashion industry. Boundaries between fashion and tech companies are becoming increasingly blurred. New algorithms, new materials and new ideas challenge the existing.

The full-day conference will explore how new technology is transforming different parts of the fashion industry – from design and manufacturing to retail, media and marketing as well as the functionality of clothes. Passionately focused on innovation at the intersection of fashion and technology, Fashion Tech Talks is also an international meeting place, bringing together and building bridges between the fashion and tech industries.

Fashion Tech Talks is supported by H&M, the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and Axfoundation, the Antonia Ax:son Johnson foundation for sustainable development. It is part of Symposium Stockholm, a week-long festival including events such as Polar Music Prize and the Brilliant Minds conference.

Yarina Notes

Yarina Yao at FTT. Photo by Tech Loves Style



Martine Jarlgaard, Martine Jarlgaard London

Alfredo Orobio, Awaytomars

Danica Kragic Jensfelt, KTH

Ananth Narayanan, Myntra

Nicholas Kirkwood, Creative director

Peter Hagström, H&M IT Labs

Anders Hagström, H&M IT Labs

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

Yarina Notes:

With Artifical Intelligence, technology is disrupting not just the fashion industry but the whole of humanity. To find the future of fashion is just like exploring the Tesla of fashion. How does it gonna affect the work of fashion tech? At London Fashion Week, Martine Jarlgaard London used technology to change the traditional way of runway shows. Guests wore Hololens, Microsoft's mixed reality headsets which are the AR headsets, to explore the whole collection by mixing the reality and holograms. People can still see the room and the people around you but the Hololens allowed them to see each fashion pieces in different angles. The project is the result of a partnership between Jarlgaard, the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion and Hololens developers and 3D capturing company, DoubleMe. This definitely brought us the ideas of the future of fashion. The co-creation, the instant graphics and more are going to create a new value system for the fashion industry. We will need to rethink everything! Because fashion is hard to break in, that's why after hundreds of years it's not really changing. Now our mission is to take lots of techniques and challenges to break down the old thoughts and recreate something new!

The industrial robot is going to be big! People can teach robots how to sew clothes and even be able to physically collaborate with humans. For example, robots can collaborate tasks with humans in a shared workspace. That can improve the manufacturing process.

Use AI we can decode fashion. Human creativity + AI creativity = Unlimited potential. For the wearables market, it's all about the balance between AI and creativity. If we can create super stylish wearables, they will be way easier to break into the fashion market. Customers will accept immediately.

Full interview with Nicholas Kirkwood please watch my vlog video.


Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

H&M introduced their new Home Voice Stylist Assistant for the first time at FTT. It's a voice application from Google Assistant, which provides personal styling suggestions, mood boards and inspiration for every room in the home – all easily accessible when you ask the Google Assistant to talk to H&M Home Stylist on your phone. To make the experience even more personal the application will have an exclusive human voice. The H&M Home Stylist will be tested and developed with input from our customers.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

H&M showed their VR demo at FTT. Designers can wear the VR headsets and design clothes directly in the virtual design room. Tech can help traditional working.



Amanda Parkes, Future Tech Lab

Arti Zeighami, H&M Group

Anna Gedda, H&M Group

Janne Poranen, Spinnova

Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins

Urs Bergmann, Zalando Research

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

Yarina Notes:

Is wearable dead? Of course not! Sustainable wearables are going to be the next big thing! For example, the temporary tattoo can control the computer. Smart fabrics are making more sense of fashion. According to the latest amplified intelligence report, in 2030, there will be estimate 8.5 billion people on earth and the number is going to be more than 600 millions jobs. Circular is a big must for the society. "Within 30 years H&M gonna only have recycled materials". Anna Gedda said, the Head of Sustainability of H&M. AI can help to manufacture, at the right market at the right time. It can also help cycled system. People throw away 8 clothes every day in Sweden. No fashion need to be wasted. That's why there are whole new opportunities to recycle system. Data should be utilized well and properly.

Full interview with Anna Gedda please watch my vlog video.



Michael Reidbord, Fashion Tech Consortium

Michael Crooks, Diane von Furstenberg

Jannis Koehn, Looklet

Bobo Rok, LuxTNT

Jörgen Andersson

Linda Pimmeshofer, Microsoft

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

Yarina Notes:

The new customer behaviors create the new retail business models. Be specific and targeting. Engage with clients is very necessary nowadays. It's better to create both of digital and physical interactive space to build the solid retail and customer relationships. Connecting online to offline is the next evolution. The customer is the channel. Leverage your strongest signal & largest asset: your stores. Build the bridge between marketing&IT. Mobilize your retail creative through the lens of your offline customer. 2017 the online sales in China were 230 trillion dollars. Social media especially live streaming and KOLs(Influencers) brought the huge influence and transferred them to revenue.

Full interview with Bobo Rok please watch my vlog video.



Matthew Drinkwater, London College of Fashion

Karinna Nobbs, Holition

Janosch Amstutz, HoloMe

Eddie Mullon, Launchmetrics

Anja Cronberg, Vestoj

Georgina Harding, Semaine

Lauren Indvik, Vogue International.

Adrian Leu, Inition

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

Yarina Notes:

Monki and HoloMe have partnered up for an avant-garde test of high-definition human holograms in Augmented Reality, accessible through a smartphone or tablet with minimal data usage, turnaround time, and processing power. Images of nine selected Monki outfits are enhanced with digital effects, allowing the viewer to monitor the garments in great details and experience the holograms as being present in the room.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Tech Talks

For the future of fashion marketing, digitalize everything is the KEY. Digital garments, Depth sense, and Digital physical experience can attract more attention. It's new, it's fun, it's also flexible.

For media, content is still the priority. The content should be able to inspire people. Media should spend more time to research the personas. Find interesting influencers to collaborate can be a good way to get more audiences.(Can I say I am a very interesting influencer? haha yes collaborate with me!) For example, the AI influencer Miquela brought big influence to Semaine's one collaboration.

Watch my vlog here:

Hope you guys enjoy this long post and the video! As a content creator, I love inspiring people. I hope all the notes and interviews can give you some ideas about the latest fashion-tech insights. If you have any questions or thought, don't be shy to comment down below and let me know! I would love to talk with you! Thanks again for Fashion Tech Talks inviting me! As always I LOVE YOU ALL. See you the next one!

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