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My Journey to Empowerment!

Photo by Tech Loves Style

Hello, my babies! Welcome back to my blog! If you follow all my socials (Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and Weibo) which I’m sure you are right??? If you are not, do it now. I am waiting…:) Then you should already know I am going to share a piece of my journey today! I can’t wait to tell you all my experience so far and what I learned along the way!

This post is sponsored by Uber, and inspired by their commitment to empowering and creating opportunity for everyone. No matter which industry, women nowadays are owning all stages. My story is not just for women, but all human beings!

Photo by Tech Loves Style

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. My parents are not rich. I am not one of those rich kids from the rich Chinese family that you read in the news. But I love my parents because they support me unconditionally no matter what I do. My dad is a very spiritual guy which now I appreciate so much. My mom is an independent woman leader that has managed a travel agency for almost 25 years. So I would say I have this interesting personality that kinda merges my dad’s way of spiritual thinking and my mom’s strong independence. I still remember when I was 7, my dad asked me what my dream job was? I answered without thinking: Boss! I mean...I didn’t even know what a boss was, come on I was just a little kid. But all I knew was I wanted to work for myself. So yeah now I am 27, here I am working for myself! Isn’t that crazy? Let me tell you guys how I got here.

Let’s go back to 21, I was in a very negative stage at the time. So after graduated from high school, I decided to go to America. I wanted a fresh environment. Before I moved to the States, I got a really bad car accident that almost killed me. After that, I felt like a brand new person! I know that god, or the universe or angels, whatever you call it, saved my life. It taught me a lesson that I should be grateful and enjoy my life. Life is short, you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow so why not enjoy! I believe this was something I meant to experience and to learn before I moved to America. This was also a breaking point for me to start believing all the spiritual things that my dad told me before.

Photo by Tech Loves Style

After this experience and my move to San Francisco, I started becoming more and more positive. While I was studying in the school in San Francisco, I made a lot of good friends. My final school project which was a digital magazine about fashion-tech actually beat all the native English speakers and I won the final award! I still can't believe it. I really enjoyed the process of creating the magazine since I love fashion and technology a lot. I still remember the first day I landed in San Francisco and I didn’t understand anything the cab driver was saying except hello, okay and thank you. It’s so crazy that now I’m writing a blog fully in English! Life is crazy!

Photo by Tech Loves Style

Fast forward to after graduated, I moved to Los Angeles for a marketing job in a clothing company. I didn’t like the job at all and it was nothing related to my major but hey, they paid me so I said yes to the offer. I worked day and night to try to impress my boss. So I decided to work as hard as I could. Even tho I knew I hated that job, I still chose to hustle and hoped one day my boss would see my hard work and approve me. Guess what? Nope, it never happened. No matter how I tried, he just wouldn’t approve of my work. I became so frustrated. I started being very negative again because I only went to work for the paycheck. One day, I woke up and decided to quit. I had to free myself from the life I hated. From the time I walked out of the office, I felt this massive freedom and happiness. I finally realized I should never work for the money. You are just a slave if you only go for the money.

Photo by Tech Loves Style

I started my YouTube channel 6 months before I moved to LA. In the beginning, I just wanted to film videos so when I turn 60 I can go back watch the stupid shit I did when I was 20 something lol. Since I quit that job so I had tons of time to do videos. But the earning at the time was not enough for me to pay all the rent and bills. I tried to be a waiter or like a part-time actress since I was in Hollywood but none of these worked. Then boom! I didn't know why I went to see my final project again cuz I almost forgot about how amazing it was! I had this intuition or maybe you call it gut that told me to go for it. I wasn’t sure so I asked my dad for suggestions and he told me to trust my gut because it’s the message from the universe.(I know! I thought that was crazy again!) But since I was unemployed at the time, I decided to give it a try. I redesigned the magazine, brainstormed ideas for the content, asked all my friends to test it out and finally launched my blog Tech Loves Style in May 2017. I started this blog as a hobby and now it’s a career. it’s been a year already and I feel so blessed every day that I found my dream career! I still have a lot to do and a lot to learn but I enjoy going to work every single day and never feel tired once!

Photo by Tech Loves Style

Things I learned from my journey so far:

Speak up!

If spoke up when I knew I hated my LA job I could’ve found other better jobs or started my blog way earlier instead of being frustrating at work all day long. So please my loves, I encourage you to speak up whenever you want. Not just as women, as human beings, we all need to know what we want and just go for it. When you feel something wrong and you tried to solve the problems but you can’t. Listen to me! Say it out loud, let people know what you want. If not, stand up, pick your purses, bags, shoes or whatever and LEAVE!

Be grateful and only save your cares for good vibes!

After the car accident, I realized life is so short, you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. So my loves, please enjoy every moment of your life now. No matter it’s good or bad, it’s just experience. Be thankful for yourself, for the air you breathe, for the people who are always there for you no matter ups and downs. Love them as you would love yourself. For those things and people that don’t serve you anymore, please let them all go! Don’t hate them, judge them just let go. I know it sounds easy but when you face the situation it’s like the toughest thing ever. But just think you can only let them go then you can welcome the better things and people into your lives. I am still facing ups and downs every day. But all these past experience taught me to shift from negativity to positivity faster. Like a lot faster because I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to care about the people who don’t give a care about me! Let’s save time and our love for all the good vibes.

Self-love and follow your passion!

Self-love is just like the foundation of your makeup. It strengthens your self-confidence just like the foundation gives you the flawless skin. Make sure you love yourself enough first, then you will have the power to love the whole world. Work for your passion not the money because money follows the passion! Trust your intuition and it will lead you to the right direction!

photo courtesy of Uber.

It starts here, with us not be afraid to use our voices to help empower other women. I hope my story can inspire you, at least a little right? If you want to share your journeys please comment down below, I would love to hear your stories cuz I love you guys! I feel so thankful that y'all support my blog and YouTube channel for a year now. Without you guys, I couldn't get where I am now. Thanks again for Uber sponsoring this post that I am able to inspire people through my small tiny power. As always I LOVE YOU ALL! I will see you in the next one!


Photo by Tech Loves Style


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