Viva Technology: Over 100,000 People At the Rendezvous for Innovation and Startups!

Photo by Viva Tech

Paris, 27th May 2018 - Viva Technology, the global rendezvous for startups and leaders, took up the challenge to raise the bar even higher this year. More than 100,000 attendees participated in the 3 days of VivaTech (2 days reserved for professionals and 1 day open to the general public) and were able to meet and initiate collaborations with the 1,800 startups either exhibiting or pitching, 1,900 investors and thousands of business leaders, as well as 1,900 journalists from around the world.

Viva Technology had the honor of receiving the President of the Republic Emmanuel MACRON for the inaugural address. The day before, President MACRON met global technology leaders for the «Tech For Good» summit. President MACRON was accompanied by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul KAGAME.

Among the many personalities who visited VivaTech in 2018, we note several members of the government: Elisabeth BORNE, Minister of Transport; Benjamin GRIVEAUX, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, Spokesman of the Government; Bruno LE MAIRE, Minister of Economy and Finance; Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE, Secretary of State to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs; Florence PARLY, Minister of the Armed Forces; Muriel PENICAUD, Minister of Labor; Marlène SCHIAPPA, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between women and men; Frédérique VIDAL, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Mounir MAHJOUBI, Secretary of State in charge of Digital, had settled at VivaTech during the 3 days with his Cabinet.