FashionTech Festival – June 2018, Berlin

Fashiontech Festival (FTF) is an international event bringing together fashion designers, engineers, start-ups, and major IT companies invested in developing the future of design for smart clothing and accessories. FTF will feature conferences, exhibitions, and a fashiontech hackathon mentored by a panel of international experts.

May 26, McCord Museum

The FTF conference will showcase international and local speakers from fashion design, engineering, start-ups, and major IT companies invested in developing the future of design for smart clothing and accessories.

*Opening Keynote: “Future Textiles: enabling a fashion revolution” Joanna Berzowska, Professor & Research Dean, Concordia University / XS Labs

New research in fibre technology, involving biology, organic chemistry, material science, and electronics is creating future fibres capable of making textiles that sense your heartbeat, change colour and shape, or otherwise interact with your body and your environment. We are training the next generation of designers who will be able to harness the full potential of these interactive textiles to enable the fashion revolution.

*This talk will be held in English.

Panel 1: “La mode à Montréal: une industrie innovante” en collaboration avec mmode, la grappe métropolitaine de la mode

The fashion industry reveals all of its know-how and innovative potential during an inspiring panel moderated by Damien Silès of the Quartier de l’Innovation, in collaboration with the Grappe mmode.

Panel 2: “Collaboration comme moteur créatif” en collaboration avec le Groupe Sensation Mode

Collaborating to create and innovate is now part of the foundation of our society. Artists, companies, universities and research centres are developing this approach and the market’s interest is growing. This trend can be even further emphasized and accelerated and this is what this exchange aims to achieve. We wish to amplify the hyphen and to raise awareness of the interest in collaborating by valuing fruitful collaborations.

Panel 3: “Tech & créativité”

Technology and creativity are increasingly interconnected. Businesses flourish via creativity while the arts become more and more embedded in technologies. This panel aims to investigate how individuals from creative start-ups combine innovation with art and design.

Panel 4: “Le futur des métiers d’art”

This panel addresses the issue of new technologies in the field of crafts, as well as the important role of traditional practices for the future of fashiontech. The use of manufacturing technologies in the fields of textiles, leatherwork, design and product development by young designers and small businesses will be discussed.

To see the schedule go visit FTF site:​

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