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Misfit Phase Smartwatch Review By Yarina

Misfit phase smartwatch review. Photo by Tech Loves Style.

Hi babies! This is your favorite fashion-tech girl Yarina! Welcome back to my blog! It's been too long since last review post I KNOW! But hey it's here! I tested out Misfit Phase Smartwatch for you guys and I am going to share with you my thoughts! Are you excited? If you follow my Instagram you might already saw it from my videos and posts. If don't follow my ig then what are you waiting for! Follow me right here, right now lol! Okay let's get started shall we?! Make sure to read till the end because there is a video!

About Misfit

Misfit is always pressing towards the horizon. The true power of this brand is to innovate, and in doing so, capture hearts and minds. While the Fossil Group brands draw from the past and pursue the contemporary, Misfit finds its unique position as the futurist in the family. Innovation, imagination, possibility, the next frontier, and even the unknown belong to this brand.


Misfit Phase Smartwatch Review


Misfit Phase Smartwatch review. Photo by Tech Loves Style

I like minimum design very much because its just easy to style with lots of looks and it never goes wrong. The misfit phase Hybrid Smartwatch has really simple watch face and marks. There are no numbers on the face, only graduations of the same colour that are broken by a small circle at the bottom. It's 41mm so it’s actually a little bit big on my wrist but it does give it a big definition. No one could ignore it. The one I got has the white leather strap but good thing is the color of the strap is customizable so you can pick different colors with different textures.

Smart Features-Notifications

Misfit phase smartwatch review. Photo by Tech Loves Style.

There is a small circular window at the bottom that shows different colours. Each colour represents a different type of notification – a call, a text, a Facebook message – and you can decide which corresponds with which in the app. For calls and texts you can also assign a select number of contacts to numbers. It is a little similar to Ringly smart ring.

Smart Features-Tracker

Just like other smartwatches, Misfit phase also tracks your daily steps, distance, calories, and sleep. You can setup goals then the watch will track you and reminds you through a vibration if you haven't reached your goals. The Phase will automatically detect when you fall asleep and wake, so you don't need to tell it you're going to bed. However if you do set an alarm within the Misfit app you can also have it send you to sleep with calming sleep sounds, featuring such classics as 'crickets', 'campfire', and, who could forget, 'waterfall'.

Smart Features-Smart Button

Misfit phase smartwatch review. Photo by Tech Loves Style.

Misfit's Link feature will let you add one of four different functions to the bottom button: music remote, selfie button, keynote remote, or a customized one of your creation that works with some third-party apps. And with each one there are four button inputs: single press, double press, triple press and long press. This is a bit similar to The Nex Band. Most of the time i use the trigger for taking photos because i just like taking photos and inspiring people.


Misfit phase smartwatch doesn't need to charge! You only need to change the battery every 6 month. This makes my life so much easier. I had lots of wearables and I always forget to charge them so sometimes I just stop using some of the devices. But this feature def saved my bad memory brain lol.

In general, I really like this watch so far and found it so easy to use as well as very chic and stylish. I basically can style it into all of my #ootd. I also filmed a review for you guys, hope you enjoy the video! Subscribe my channel if you want to watch more!


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Misfit Phase Smartwatch Review Video


Thanks for reading and watching! Love you guys and see you the next one!

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