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My SXSW 2018 Experience By Fashion-Tech Influencer Yarina

SXSW 2018 Experience By Fashion-Tech Influencer Yarina

I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to attend 2018 SXSW in Austin. It was a really meaningful experience because I learned so much from this trip. As a fashion-tech influencer and entrepreneur, I have to be humble and social at the same time. Knowledge can improve my skills so I need to study new things constantly and SXSW was absolutely a great conference for me to absorb new things and meet new people from the industry.

I got the interactive badge this time so all the events and panels I went were technology related. I am going to share with you guys some of the thoughts of some good panels I listened. Hope to give you some good ideas for your business. Make sure to read until the end because there's a Vlog video of this whole trip that you can watch.

1. Influencers Of The Future: Tastemakers or AI?

Speakers: Jamie Chung, Whitney Casey, Brooklyn Decker, Dan Frommer

Yarina Note:

Good influencers should have good engagement with their followers. That's how they set trends and convince their followers to believe. People now use their phones more than ever so whatever influencers create, it must be phone friendly. For example, Aimee Song, the top fashion blogger, she is partnering with the app which is an app allows Instagram users to screenshot blogger's posts and shop directly on the app. Whatever Aimee posts, the products she featured usually sold out right away. That's a good example of how influencers+phone technology work perfectly together. Also according to the research, only 5% people in this world are born to be creators and the rest of the human beings are customers. That's why influencers are so important to tell the world the trends because you are going to lead the 95% people on the earth to whatever trends you set.

2. Exploring Innovations in AI

Speakers: Adam Cheyer, Daphne Koller, Loic Le Meur, Nell Watson

Yarina Note:

Every 10-year people change the interaction way with the computer. In the past 10 years, people were experiencing computer era. We chatted on the computers, we shopped on the computers, we played games on the computers, we watched videos on the computers, etc...How about now? You admit or not, we already moved on to smartphones. You almost do everything on your phones right? But the shocking news is 2018-2019 is going to be the end of smartphone era! Holy moly! Didn't we just start? Yes but it's been long enough to move forward. So what is the next era? Okay listen carefully folks, it's ROBOT! Omg is that the horrifying sci-fi movie scene that robots are controlling human beings is going to actually happen??? Okay, people chill, don't be overwhelming okay? It's only going to be better! Let's say what if the machine can do what human beings are not good at? It can help us make impossibility come true.

3. The Role of The Micro-Influencer Presented by WWD

Speakers: Kandice Hansen, Sonia Summers

Yarina Note:

Beauty influencers are non-stop growing. Credibility and transparency are the kings. These influencers are the beauty experts. They lead the beauty trend to customers. Good influencers know how to engage with their followers, how to be experts and how to help identify people. They produce the editorial type of content to be professional. Revolve is a good example that uses great influencer marketing to grow brand awareness.

4. 2018 Emerging Tech Trends Report

Speaker: Amy Webb

Yarina Note:

-2018 is the beginning of the end of smartphones.




-Biology is one of the most important technology platforms of the 21st century.

Subscribe my blog and follow my Instagram @yarinayy now to download the full report! Send me one email with the screenshots once you've done and I'll send you the download link! If you would like to help me produce more better content please feel free to donate us $1-$10 to support us! Donate link here.

5. Influencers Are the Next Generation of Retailers

Speakers: Maghan McDowell, Spencer McClung, Ashley Robertson, Tracy Sun

Yarina Note:

Top 10 influencers' followers now combine together are already over 20 million. That means these 10 influencers can lead around 20 millions customers. How amazing it is?! That's why influencers are playing the important role in the retail industry. Influencers can be business people as well. Not like celebrities so far far away, they use technology through social media platforms to build the connection with their followers. This creates a great way to shorten the distance between creators and customers. Customers see influencers as friends so whatever they recommend, the products become more trustworthy.

6. Insider Tips from the Boss Women of Instagram

Speakers: Claudine Cazian Britz, Laura Brounstein, Eva Chen, Lila King, Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood

Yarina Note:

Everyday people open Instagram app around 25-35 times. That's why if you want your feed to be seen you better post as frequent as you can. At least one post daily. Most of the Instagram users are under 25-year-old so your content should be related to trends. If you are an influencer, you don't have to reply each comment but some good ones to boost your engagement. Running your account should be the same as running a brand. You need to find a reason why people should follow you. What can you bring to them? Hashtags are still very important. Use relevant ones to get more views.


Thanks for reading! Here's a vlog video of my SXSW 2018 trip.


Thanks for watching! See you next one! Don't forget to follow my social media and donate some love if you like my content!

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