Red Everything!

Photographer: Wei Ding

Location: Shanghai 1933

If you follow my Instagram @yarinayy , you will probably already realize how much I am obsessed with red this whole season since last September. Tomato red was the top 1 trend color of 2017 and it's going to keep rocking 2018. At the beginning I wasn't a big fan of this kind of bold red because I felt a way that this color could bring too much attention and I concern myself a low-key person lol. (am I?🤔) But after I tried styling more and more red pieces and accessories into my daily looks I fell in love with it! I will soon write a post that show you guys all my red looks so you can learn how to style red in a right way.

This time I styled the red Supreme Hoodie (which was a gift from my friend Ringo and thank you!) with a pair of Nike jogger pants. This definitely is a typical streetwear style or I also call it the @Hypebae style. In order not to make it too casual I wore a pair of red sock boots from Zara to just give it a bit of chic sense. A lot of you guys also asked me about how to style belt bags into daily looks (I didn't reply all the Ig DMs but I promise I remember your questions) since it's also a big comeback trend now. I say this depends on your mood, yes not style but mood! I styled this vintage Chanel fanny pack into this look because I want to show a little bit of waist line since the whole look is pretty baggy and unisex. But I also styled the bag with a lot of other different looks as well. It actually matches with almost every style you like.

Thanks for reading! See you next one! Love you!

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