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Daniel Arsham x adidas FUTURECRAFT 4D Collaboration Photo Has Leaked(HYPEBEAST)

Photo source from HYPEBEAST

Photo source from HYPEBEAST

The article first appeared on HYPEBEAST.

Artist Daniel Arsham last joined adidas for a remasted New York sneaker that goes grey for a dark, monotone drop. Now, an image purporting to reveal the artist’s collaborative FUTURECRAFT 4D has appeared online.

Yeezy Mafia debuted the picture on its Instagram account earlier today, offering a supposed price tag and release date for the shoe. Taking a raw approach to the cutting-edge runner, the upper matches the Carbon-produced midsole in tone and detailing, with plenty of ventilation throughout the Primeknit. Offered in a tonally “Moonrock”-esque colorway, the shoe recalls Arsham’s earthy Future Relic series, which displays present-day goods as if they’ve been unearthed in the distant future. Speckled laces match the thin, perforated upper, with the only external adidas branding appearing on the toe of the shoe.

No word from adidas on the details of the sneaker, but Yeezy Mafia professes that the shoe will launch in September 2018 for $450 USD. In the meantime, we recently hosted the exclusive reveal of Arsham’s “Future Relic 09.”

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Daniel Arsham x adidas FUTURECRAFT 4D 联名款照片流出(HYPEBEAST)

原文首发于 HYPEBEAST. 艺术家丹尼尔 阿舍姆(Daniel Arsham)最后加入了阿迪达斯,重新打造了纽约的一款单调黑灰运动鞋。 现在,一张展示了这位艺术家和 FUTURECRAFT 4D 合作的照片已经出现在网上。 Yeezy Mafia 今天早些时候在其 Instagram 账户上发布了这张照片,提供了鞋子的价格标签和发布日 期。用粗犷的风格面向前卫跑步者,鞋面与碳制中底的色调和细节相匹配,整个 Primeknit 有充足的通风 性。这款鞋子以简约的“Moonrock”风格色彩呈现,让人回想起 Arsham 的“Future Relic”系列,这 个系列展现了仿佛在遥远的未来出土的当代产品。斑驳的鞋带与轻薄网面鞋面相匹配,唯一外部的阿迪达 斯品牌商标出现在鞋头上。 阿迪达斯对运动鞋的细节没有任何透露,但 Yeezy Mafia 称这款鞋子将于 2018 年 9 月以 450 美元的价格 发售。与此同时,我们最近主办了 Arsham 的“Future Relic 09”独家揭示。

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