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Swedish Fashion E-Commerce Company NA-KD Raises $45M Series B

Photo source from TechCrunch

The article first appeared on TechCrunch.

NA-KD, the Swedish fashion e-commerce company that sells women’s clothes direct to consumers, has raised $45 million in Series B funding. Noteworthy, $5 million of that is secondary investment as some early shareholders, not including the founders or management team, partially cash in.

Leading the round is Partech, with the participation from U.S.-based FJ Labs. Existing backers Northzone, eEquity, Jonas Norlander, and Filip Engelbert also followed on.

Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio, NA-KD is an online direct-to- consumer (DTC) fashion brand for women, specifically targeting millennials with “stylish yet affordable clothes”. The company’s wares are mainly marketed through social influencers.

After two years, it claims to already be one of the most quoted online fashion brands on Instagram in Sweden and Germany, powered by what NA-KD describes as a “highly scalable fashion collaboration platform with star influencers”. This, says the company, has seen its second full year of operations achieve a revenue run-rate close to $75 million, growing 150-plus percent compared to 2016.

Meanwhile, I’m told the new funding will be used to accelerate the growth of the company as it aims to become a preferred fashion brand for millennials. As part of this, NA-KD plans to launch 9 new localised sites in the coming months. It is also hiring across the company, and developing new collection collaborations with “leading worldwide social influencers”.

“We will continue to invest in growth during 2018, especially targeting the U.S., U.K. and major European markets with nine localised and translated sites and with localised marketing,” says founder Vanhatapio. “Although we significantly improved the bottom-line results during 2017, international growth is still number one, two and three on our priority list for 2018. Our bottom-line results are moving towards profitability exactly as planned”.


瑞典时装电商公司 NA-KD 筹集 4500 万美元的 B 轮融资

文章首发于 TechCrunch.

女装直销的瑞典时装电子商务公司 NA-KD 已经筹集了 4500 万美元的 B 轮融资。值得注意的是,其中 500 万美元的投资是作为一些早期股东的二次投资,不包括创始人或管理团队,部分是现金。

领导这一轮的是 Partech,有来自美国的 FJ Labs 的参与。现有支持者 Northzone,eEquity,Jonas Norlander 和 Filip Engelbert 也接踵而至。

NA-KD 由系列企业家 Jarno Vanhatapio 于 2015 年创立,是一家面向女性的在线直销(DTC)时尚品 牌,专门面向千禧一代提供“时尚而实惠的服装”。公司的产品主要通过社会影响者来销售。

两年后,它宣称已经成为瑞典和德国 Instagram 上最受欢迎的在线时尚品牌之一,归功于被 NA-KD 形 容为“和明星影响者合作的高度可扩展时尚平台”。该公司表示,公司第二年的运营收入达到了 7500 万 美元,与 2016 年相比增长了 150%以上。

同时,我被告知新的资金将被用来加速公司的发展,因为它的目标是成为千禧一代首选的时尚品牌。作为 其中的一部分,NA-KD 计划在未来几个月内推出 9 个新的本地化网站。它也在全公司招聘,并与“全球 领先的社交影响者”开展新的系列合作。

创始人 Vanhatapio 表示:“我们将在 2018 年继续投资增长,特别是针对美国,英国和欧洲主要市场, 提供 9 个本地化翻译网站和本地化营销。 虽然我们在 2017 年大幅改善了收益结果,但 2018 年国际增长 仍然是我们的首要目标中的第一,第二和第三。我们的底线结果正在按照计划向盈利能力迈进。

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