Not Your Basic Hypebae

Photo by TechLovesStyle

If you guys have been following my Instagram recently, I believe you realize I kinda love the @Hypebae style a lot! I used to just like those high-end fashion but since streetwear is becoming the top 1 trend right now everywhere so I decided to give it a try. It turned out I actually like the style a lot because it's simple and comfortable to wear. So I guess I will keep the style for me then!

I got a basic tee from Vetements. Vetements is a French clothing and footwear "design collective" and brand founded by fashion designer Demna Gvasalia in 2009. Its famous for some of the streetwear designs like hoodies. Anyways brands are not the most important thing! The great about it is a well-made t-shirt is always comfortable to wear and good to match with any style.


Baseball hat is one of the most iconic accessories for street style. I styled this black Champion hat for the look. Very easy to match with any clothes as well but for me, I love hats because there are some days I just don't want to style my hair or in a hurry to somewhere have no time to do the hair right? Then I guess hats are my best friends!


Well for the bottom, guess what? Of course I chose a pair of jeans to finish the look. Not cuz of anything just because a good pair of good jeans can give you the sexiest look you ever wanted! There was a video on YouTube that someone asked 50 guys on the street what to wear for women you like the most? 75% of guys answered a pair of skinny jeans is the hottest piece for women to wear because skinny jeans can perfectly show girl's beautiful legs and butt lines!!! Now you know right?


Thanks for reading! See you next one!

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