Kate Spade Smartwatch – Taking On FashionTech At CES 2018(WT VOX)

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Kate Spade Smartwatch. KS New York is taking on the fashiontech landscape at CES 2018 with its new Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch. If you’re a fan of the playful, cute, and ultra-feminine fashion styles you should start paying attention to Kate Spade’s line of smartwatches. The collection is expanding with a new line called New York Scallop.

Debuting at CES 2018 amongst a whole Spring 2018 Fossil Group line-up, the new Kate Spade smartwatch features a circular 1.19-inch AMOLED display with a respectable 390 x 390 resolution. Style-wise, as the name suggests, Kate Spade smartwatch features a scallop-like design around the bezel and on the crown.

The 42mm diameter makes it a rather large smartwatch for a woman’s wrist. The case is made from stainless steel with a 16mm lug width. The smartwatch comes in three styles as in gold-tone finish with black leather strap, rose gold-tone with a rose gold-tone steel bracelet, and rose gold-tone with a ‘vachetta’ leather strap.

One of the more interesting aspects of this watch is the ‘Choose Your Look’ feature. CYL is, in fact, an app which allows the wearer to select a matching colour profile for the watch face, based on the outfit you wear that day. As such, you can change the look and style of your Scallop Kate Spade smartwatch to match your outfit by answering a few basic questions through the app. Then, the app finds the most suitable watch face based on your time of the day, type of jewellery worn, general colour of clothing and other accessories. More software tweaks include customisable dials and weather effects based on your current weather conditions.

Specs wise, the Scallop smartwatch matches the current range of Android smartwatches available on the market as it runs Android Wear 2.0, powered by a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. The watch is waterproof up to 1 ATM and lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge, helped out by an ambient light sensor that controls the display. The Kate Spade smartwatch can connect to both Android and iPhone and smartphones via Bluetooth 4.1. It runs on Android Wear and can deliver notifications, third-party apps, fitness tracking, music with 4GB of storage, Google Assistant voice controls, and so much more.

The Kate Spade New York Scallop smartwatch collection is expected to go on sale online and in stores next month in February 2018.

Kate Spade 智能腕表-CES2018 时尚科技风采(WT VOX)

原文首发于 WT VOX.

Kate Spade 智能腕表。 KS 纽约将在 CES2018 展会上推出新款 Scallop 触摸屏智能手表。如果你是一个俏皮,可爱,极致女性时尚风格的粉丝,你应该开始关注 Kate Spade 的智能手表系列。这个系列正在扩大,新成员叫 New York Scallop。和 Fossil 集团合作的 2018 春季系列在 2018 年的 CES 上首发,新款 Kate Spade 智能手表采用 1.19 英寸的圆形 AMOLED 显示屏,分辨率为 390 x 390。风格上,顾名思义,Kate Spade 智能手表在表圈和表冠上都有扇贝形状的设计。42 毫米的直径相对于女性手腕来说是相当大的智能手表。表壳由 16 毫米宽的不锈钢制成。智能手表有三种款式,金色表面饰有黑色皮革表带,玫瑰金款式配玫瑰金的钢质表链,还有一款玫瑰金搭配的是


这款手表更有趣的一个方面是“选择你的外观”(CYL)功能。实际上,CYL 是一款应用程序,它允许佩戴 者根据当天所穿的衣服为表盘选择一个匹配的颜色。因此,你可以通过在应用程序上回答几个基本问题, 改变 Kate Spade 扇贝智能手表的外观和风格,由此来与你的着装打扮相匹配。然后,该应用程序会根据 你的一天中的时间,所佩戴的首饰类型,衣服的主要颜色和其他配饰,找到最合适的表盘。更多的软件调 整包括根据你当前的天气条件定制拨号和天气效果。 规格方面,这款扇贝智能手表与市场上现有的 Android 智能手表相匹配,采用 Android Wear 2.0 操作系 统,由强大的 Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 处理器提供支持。该手表可防水达 1 ATM,一次充电 可持续 24 小时,由控制显示屏的环境光线传感器提供电力。 Kate Spade 智能手表可以通过蓝牙 4.1 连 接到 Android 和 iPhone 以及其他智能手机。它采用 Android Wear,具有传送通知,第三方应用程序, 健身追踪,4GB 的音乐,Google 智能助理等等强大功能。 Kate Spade New York Scallop 智能手表系列预计将于 2018 年 2 月在线上市。

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