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TechStyle Fashion Group Creates Tech Platform To Launch Fashion Brands(Forbes)

Don Ressler (l) and Adam Goldenberg (r), Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, TechStyle Fashion Group

Don Ressler (l) and Adam Goldenberg (r), Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, TechStyle Fashion Group

The article first appeared on Forbes,

Technology may be fashionable, but can fashion be driven by technology? Certainly fashion has moved into ecommerce in a big way, representing some $80 billion in online sales. Yet this is still mostly a traditional business sold through a digital channel. Could a fashion brand be built for the digital world?

“My co-founder Don Ressler and I thought with the world moving to e-commerce for fashion there had to be a better way of building brands digitally first and really leveraging this new e-commerce marketplace,” says Adam Goldenberg, Co-founder and CEO, TechStyle Fashion Group. “We had to completely reimagine the fashion industry to do it.”

This required what Goldenberg refers to as TechStyle’s FashionOS technology platform. “We've never viewed technology as just a tool. We've used our website and our technology as part of the product that we sell. For an e-commerce company you need to be great at acquiring customers. So, we built our own digital agency – all of the TV commercials we film ourselves; all of the media and advertising we buy. We have built out expert digital visual merchandising teams, CRM individuals, and really focused on personalization for one-to-one marketing,” says Goldenberg.

Founded in 2010, the Los Angeles-based company has successfully built four digital-first fashion brands, including JustFab, ShowDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics, the active wear brand fronted by actress Kate Hudson. The firm has sold over 75 million fashion items to date, all products created under their own brands, and designed in-house based on their wealth of customer data.

“When we started this business, nobody had done a flexible VIP membership like ours. Nobody had created a way of tracking different fashion personas and curating the site experience based on those personas. And our degree of one-to-one marketing, we just didn't see out there. So, by building our own technology platform we could actually empower the teams to invent solutions to solve real problems that customers have. And we've turned technology not into just a tool for reaching our customers and selling but actually into a real competitive advantage,” says Goldenberg. “It really is all about data and how you use that data to give customers what they want.”

When Goldenberg and Ressler started TechStyle there wasn't a single technology platform that could do everything they wanted. There were decent fulfillment applications, e-commerce platforms, CRM tools, warehouse management tools, but not in one comprehensive system. They wanted a truly integrated view of their customer – so they built it themselves and made their technology integral to the business.

Read more on Forbes.

TechStyle 时装集团建立科技平台来推出时尚品牌(Forbes)

原文首发于 Forbes,

科技可以是时尚的,但是时尚可以由科技推动吗?当然时尚已经大举进入电子商务,代表着约 800 亿美元的在线销售。然而,这仍然主要是通过数字渠道销售的传统业务。时尚品牌可以为数码世界建立吗?TechStyle 时装集团的联合创始人兼首席执行官亚当 戈登伯格(Adam Goldenberg)说道:“我的联合创始人唐 雷斯勒(Don Ressler)和我认为,随着世界转向电子商务,对于时尚来说必须有一个更好的方式来先以数字化的方式建立品牌,并真正利用这个新的电子商务市场,我们必须彻底重塑时尚界才能做到这一点。”

这就需要 Goldenberg 所说的 TechStyle 的 FashionOS 科技平台。Goldenberg 说: “我们从来没有把科技视为仅仅是一种工具。我们利用我们的网站和技术作为我们销售产品的一部分。对于一家电子商务公司,你需要非常擅长获取客户。所以,我们建立了自己的数字机构 - 包括所有我们自己拍摄的电视广告和所有购买的媒体和广告。我们已经建立了专业的数字视觉营销团队,CRM 个体,真正把重点放在一对一营销的个性化上。”

这家总部位于洛杉矶的公司成立于 2010 年,已成功建立了包括 JustFab,ShowDazzle,FabKids 和 Fabletics(该品牌是女演员 Kate Hudson 创立)在内的四大数字时尚品牌。迄今为止,该公司已经销售 了超过 7500 万件时尚产品,所有产品都是以自己的品牌创造的,并根据他们丰富的客户数据进行内部设 计。 Goldenberg 说:“当我们开始这项业务时,没有人像我们这样做过如此灵活的 VIP 会员制。没有人创造 出这种跟踪不同时尚角色的方式,并基于这些角色策划网站体验。而我们的一对一营销的程度,我们只是 没有看到。所以,通过构建我们自己的科技平台,我们实际上可以让团队找到解决方案来解决客户的实际 问题。而且我们已经把科技转化为不仅仅是为了接触到客户和销售的工具而是实际上成为真正的竞争优势。 这全都是和数据有关,以及如何使用这些数据来为客户提供他们想要的。” 当 Goldenberg 和 Ressler 开始建立 TechStyle 时,没有一个科技平台可以做他们想做的一切。确实有一 些好的实践应用程序,电子商务平台,CRM 工具,仓库管理工具,但不是在一个完整的系统。他们想要的 是一个真正整合的客户见解 - 所以他们自己建立并将他们的科技整合到业务中。 更多精彩尽在 Forbes.


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