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Amped Atelier Creates Smart Dresses (

Photo by Amped Atelier

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Fashion has long been a way to distinguish yourself and express your personality. Now, technology can help you share your personality through color and moving text in your clothing. Amped Atelieris the fashion-forward design house of Sahrye Cohen and Hal Rodriguez.

Their smart dresses use 3D printing and electronics to communicate the personalities of their wearers. They believe that 3D printing and embedded electronics make fashion tech accessible to designers of traditional fashion and for novices looking to create something a little different.

Amped Atelier’s Reflections dress merges Victorian style with fashion tech. The dress was created for MergeFashion 2015 Gala and is billed as a modern take on the cocktail dress. It uses an LED matrix display to communicate the thoughts and emotions of the wearer through a Bluetooth connection and smartphone app. The top half of the dress is illuminated with LEDs, and the LED matrix of the lower dress displays moving text.

The Mimic dress uses 3D printed LED diffusers on fabric to display colors and patterns that reflect the surrounding environment or the wearer’s mood. The diffusers are fitted with triangular addressable LEDs. Sensors detect object colors in the environment. The two garment series was created for the MakeFashion 2016 Gala.

Amped Atelier also created the Hyphae dress which debuted at the Mangosteen International Fashion Show Installation. It utilizes electroluminescent lighting under laser cut fabric strips.

The San Francisco-based duo presented their work at Maker Faire NY 2017 this September. Last month, at the East Bay Mini Make Faire, they demonstrated how to use Microsoft’s MakeCode with embedded electronics for fashion. MakeCode is an easy-to-learn visual block programming environment. All 3D dress designs were recently exhibited at Fashion Tech Week NY 2017.

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