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The Most Stylish Wearable Tech Ringly Smart Ring Review

Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring

Hey guys! Finally here's a new wearable tech review for you! This time I tested out the smart ring from Ringly.

About Ringly

Ringly is a small, comprehensive team working to build the future of wearable technology and connected devices. They’re redefining how people communicate with technology, their environment and with each other. They span multiple disciplines including hardware, software, product design and jewelry design. They’re a tight-knit, passionate group that embraces hard work, strongly encourages creativity, and supports learning new things.

First Impression

Photo by Tech Loves Style

Photo by Tech Loves Style

I tried lots of wearable tech products but in my impression they are all "nerdy" designs. Don't get me wrong, no any offense, I like nerdy designs. It all depends on how you style them in the different situation. Unlike Apple watch, Fitbit or any other smart devices, the smart ring from Ringly is truly a piece of jewelry. It doesn't have any LED screen but only a dot of light blinks to show you the notifications.


Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring. Photo by Tech Loves Style

Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring

As a fashion-tech blogger, of course I care about technology products but with fashion related. I am very picky about fashion pieces because of my fashion background in the past five years. I studied and worked in luxury fashion industry, so things to catch my eyes have to be stunning. The reason is that I have to style them into my looks or #OOTD & #OOTN.

Ringly smart rings use pyramid-cut jade on the top as main designs. Different seasons they offer different colors and patterns of the jade. The one I have is called Amazonite. It's a pure light jade color with marble texture. I got it in August and now it's not available in the shop. For the fall/winter, they have Purple Jade and Rainbow Moonstone now in the online shop. Besides the jade, the rings also have 14k matte gold plated rings. Those details just made the whole wearable not that tech or gadget look. It's easier to be styled into any of my daily looks. That's a big plus.

Another interesting design is the ring case. You charge the ring inside the box by just simply placing the ring in the box. This is so convenient because you don't have to worry about forgetting where you put the ring because it always has the box for protection.

Photo by Amazon

The case is the charger

How To Start

The Ringly app

Go to the App store and search Ringly then download it. It's available both on IOS and Android. Once you have the app just pair it with your Ringly ring. That easy yes.


Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring. Photo by Tech Loves Style

Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring

The first over first thing about a wearable is always fitness tracking. Ringly smart ring also tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. All you need to do is set up some personal information like birthday, height and weight in the app then wear the ring go out. You can read all the data under the Activity section in the app. I like it because when I wear the ring no one will notice it's tracking my activities at the same time but only I know how many more steps or calories I need to burn to achieve my daily goals. I will call it my secret workout reminder.

Another significant function, actually the primary feature is the Alerts. The smart ring has five colored lights, four vibration settings for customized alerts. It can connect 200+ apps including the phone call, text message, what's app, calendar, weather, email, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Slack, Lyft, etc. For me, the whole world probably knows that I LOVE social media. So I set up all the alerts of Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Snapchat message, Weibo DM and Wechat message (since I am now in Shanghai and Wechat is the major chatting app in China). I set up the alerts according to the app colors so each alert can be recognized instantly. For example, I set up Instagram alert as purple color, Facebook as blue light, and WeChat in green light. It also vibrates differently when each alert comes, and you can customize it. There's a Contacts section in the app also allows me to set up the alert for particular contacts such as your crush or your parents or even your big clients. That means you will get notifications from these people that you will know you need to reply right away and others can wait a little bit when you finish your things. I guess I do like wearing the ring out and let it alert me so I don't have to hold the phone all the time when I go attending events or eating with friends. Hands-free is pretty awesome.


Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring. Photo by Tech Loves Style

Fashion-Tech blogger Yarina wears Ringly smart ring

It's so far one of my favorite wearable techs because its designs I have to admit. I am a more fashion person than a tech one so perhaps that's why. Only one thing I would expect more is maybe the functions. I hope in the future the smart ring can have more to do not just alerts and activity tracking. It can be a trigger or something else let's see. For the price ($99, on sale now, originally $165) I think it's pretty acceptable for a wearable device.

Thanks for reading guys! See you next one!

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